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Seyekh Nezh

The lord of knowledge

Seyech Nezh is notorious for his dishonesty and greed. He has a great fascination for rare artifacts and a relentless obsession with hoarding knowledge, which he values more than anything else. His minions scour the world in search of lost or hidden knowledge to add to his collection. Sometimes, when someone possesses knowledge that he desires, he will offer to trade some of the knowledge from his library in exchange for their new knowledge. However, this deal may not always be in their best interests.   His realm is known as Saitheranka, an endless library filled with countless corridors of books, scrolls, and artifacts, ranging from simple to ornate. It is divided into sections, and all knowledge and other collectibles are meticulously sorted by subject or theme. The layout of the library is designed to confuse and disorient, making it easy to get lost in your search. The library is also riddled with traps, secret passages, large gates, and thick doors.   Seyech Nezh is one of the few Ynue who allows people to enter his realm relatively easily.¬†After all, when in search of knowledge, it is easiest to let the knowledge come to you, and the lure of an endless library filled with forbidden secrets is enough to attract many foolish scholars.


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