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The Lady of the Night

She is the patron of all nightly activities and professions such as beggars, thieves, assassins, and prostitutes. Although she is not worshipped, many pay their respects to her grace and power.¬†Her name is whispered in hushed tones, for she is both generous and capricious, and she is known for her ability to grant fortunes to those who blend in with the shadows and seek her favor. When pleased with her followers, she will make them "lucky". However, if they fail to pay her homage properly, she may turn against them.   Unlike Appolyus, the Ynue whose darkness brings despair and emptiness, her shadow inspires fortune and strength. She offers¬†contracts to her most loyal followers, promising to help them on their journey in life. In return, upon their death, they will serve her for an equal time. These Spirits are tasked with guarding her hidden temples, and their service is essential to her ability to maintain influence in the world.   Those who are in her service are named night watchers. They are always anonymous and wear masks when conducting their business. They often know each other's identity, however. She usually only deals with a few at a time.   Her realm is called Good Night, a place covered in shadows and lit only by the stars. This is where her followers initially go upon their death. The realm is a beautiful yet eerie place, with a serene and haunting atmosphere.   Her appearance is that of a large alluring yet intimidating woman with a dark blue and purple outfit, long black hair, completely black eyes, and long black nails. She also wears black leather boots that reach up to her knees.
Jet black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale white


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