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Johnny Connors

Lead Scientist at Wakefield Science Center

Personal Life

Johnny is a analytical and calculating personality. He is described as an eccentric yet compassionate character. He is known to be in a relationship with his associate and co-lead Scientist on Project Rampart, Brooke Delaney.  

Game One

During the rush and break-in of the Research Facility Fallon Corvo discovered that Brooke Delaney, was bitten/infected during experimentation. After being infected Brooke took on the persona of The Empress. She displayed advanced intelligence and cognitive ability in comparison to all the other special infected. However, instead of terminating her, as per protocol, Dr. Connors deemed her too valuable and kept her alive under the guise of studying her to learn as to why she was more intellectually advanced than other infected. However, the true reason being, he could not bring himself to kill the person he loved and hoped he could discover a cure for her infection. During the breach of Research Center, The Empress had escaped, Dr. Connors knew of her breakout and was trying to cover for her and her activities from the humans until he could properly cure her or come up with a plan. During the infiltration of the Research Center the colonists managed to find information within the labs leading to a rudimentary cure and application device. But they were not the only ones who knew about the device as the Doctor had abandoned the Humans in fear they would Kill his love, and in turn informed the Empress and zombies of the human plans and the search for the application device.

Current Whereabouts
Year of Birth
1989 29 Years old

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