Steel Syndicate

A mercenary guild in Cinderhaven.


Each mercenary group within the guild has their own unique specialities and requirements for membership:  

Bad Company

There's always someone willing to take the worst or most morally questionable jobs. Bad Company are those folks. They are not well liked or respected among other members of the guild, as they'll do just about anything to get ahead.
Known Members: Red (human?), Kastran (hafling), Bhelrom (dwarf), Anvarem (fallen aasimar), Yin (changeling)


While some aim to tame the wilderness, and others bond with the creatures of the wilds, the Beastmasters are a pack, and are never foolish enough to go into battle alone. (meta: Animal Companion required)

The Club

With a focus of brawn over brains, The Club sees the world in very simple terms, namely, the three P's:
You Point Us at the Target
We Punch the Target
We Get Paid
(meta: must have a negative Intelligence modifier)


Fishers, whalers, and sailors will find themselves welcome on this team. They are hardworking folk, usually calm and peace-loving. The Fishmongers normally take aquatic jobs, such as sea wreckage excavation and coastal shipping. (meta: water folk or swimmers)


A team made up of those who follow or indulge in the practices of death. (meta: followers of the Death Domain and/or necromancy)

Pest Control

These mercenaries take the most fundamental advenutring jobs in the land. They are exclusively interested in tracking, hunting, killing or capturing beasts and monsters. (meta: must have a background or experience as a beast/monster hunter)


A rough and tumble group of tusked folk that are often hired to handle the jobs that requires some intimidation. (meta: tusks required)
Known Members: Kurzol Earthwalker (sabertooth tabaxi), Nambu (Loxodon), Razi (troll)


Adventurers of the furred persuasion. (meta: fur required)

Vengence Falls

This group is thirsty to avenge the wronged (and get paid to do it)

Don't Argue with Ms. Fennec

(meta/joke: not arguing with Ms Fennec a requirement)

Public Agenda

To provide services and muscle to anyone willing to pay.
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Notable members


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