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Currency of Arden

At around 400 AF, The Kingdom of Arden had developed substantial trade and began using currency for many transactions. Originally used in larger trading, the official coin was referred to as "A Gold Crown", for the markings of both a royal crown and the Hammer symbol of the Great Hero Arden.

With Gold Crowns becoming more and more widespread as years developed, many larger traders could not manage the hundreds to thousands of coins needed for some transactions. For this reason, Silver Bars were officially minted and provided for trade in Arden. Two different sizes of Silver Bars are used in this way, each having a different equivalent in Gold Crown worth:

2oz Silver Bar (5" x 2" x 1/2") - 100 Gold Crowns
5oz Silver Bar (6" x 2" x 1") - 250 Gold Crowns

Depite the development of Silver Bars and the furthering of currency in society, the unwieldy nature of Coins and Bars has forced the King's Court to step in to assist in making the flow of money easier for the different Provinces. It is for this reason that many Towns and Cities will have an official Notary assigned to the Town Hall or local governing body (be it a Town Council, ruling Noble or other such political power). It was these individuals that could legally declare Notes of Currency in place of a monetary value.

These Notes of Currency typically take the form of a small piece of paper or parchment, with an amount of Gold Crowns declared on them alongside legal documentation. Once signed by the Notary, these could then be used as trade by Merchants and Commoners who possessed the Note of Currency. They could also be traded in to a Notary's office for the equivalent amount of Gold Crowns (although a tax would typically be charged for this service). Alternatively, a Notary would issue Notes of Currency in exchange for Gold Crowns, again with a cost associated with the service.
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