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Part Fae

Any descendants of a fairy and human having children together are considered part fae until they have had two generations completely indistinguishable from one or the other species (as some traits may skip a generation at that point).   While humans and fae are mixed in their acceptance of members of their community having part fae children, fairies are generally more accepting and will sometimes purposefully have members of their communities marry and have children with humans. As for humans, it depends on how far they take their faith. According to some, more fundamentalist strains of their religion, it is wrong for humans to intermarry with fairies (and in fact any magical creature capable of having children with humans), and so they look down upon those with fae blood. Others point out that the saints never said anything about such marriages and that linking them to occult practises is to add to their words. And there are, of course, a variety of beliefs between the two ends of the spectrum.   Regardless of the disagreement on whether the marriages that produce part fae children are right, they have happened enough that fairies have a good understanding of how their and human traits get passed down through the generations. The rule of thumb is that the more part fae physically resemble fairies, the less fairy magic they have inherited (and vice versa), and the less fae blood they have, the less fae resemblance and magic they will have on whole. This means that while it is easier for the more magically-inclined part fae to be accepted as human among less welcoming human communities, they also have the most difficulty hiding their abilities and therefore interacting among humans in a relaxed manner.   Another pattern of inheritance that fairies have noted is that, the less magically inclined a part fae is, the less powerful their inherent magic largely first before they lose any of the abilities granted to them by fae inherent magic, even though both will weaken the more human a part fae is. In other words, natural magic is retained longer than inherent magic down the generations of part fae even though it is seen as the generally weaker of the two types of magic in fairies.

Basic Information


Those with fae blood who have inherited more of the physical features of their fairy parents or ancestors may be more slight than their human relatives, and their backs will display some amount of the barklike texture of a full fairy. This can be anywhere from as much as any full fairy would have to as subtle as only somewhat rougher, slightly ridged skin. The more human the person, though, the less they will have the appearance of a fairy.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Some part fae do not inherit any magic (these always end up looking fully fae), but most inherit at least a little. The more magic someone with fae blood inherits, the less like a fairy they look, however the more human blood they have, the less magical ability they will have.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Similar to humans and fairies
Related Ethnicities

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