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Perhaps the most commonly encountered type of magical being by humans, fairies are known for being, generally, a nuisance. They run the entire gamut of malevolent to benevolent towards humans, tend to be secretive almost by habit, and often delight in making mischief for humans.   At the same time, there exist many part fae, as fairies and humans will often have children together. And if those children aren't accepted among humans, they are almost certainly accepted among the fae.

Basic Information


While generally more slight and somewhat smaller than humans, on average, it is impossible to tell a human and fairy apart when they are standing side by side. It is said, however, that fairy backs give them away, as they appear as though they are made of tree bark.

Genetics and Reproduction

They are able to have children with humans, and do so on a regular basis, which means they are probably the only magical species with an extensive understanding of how their and human characteristics mingle in their offspring.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All fairies have inherent magic, of varying amounts (although not as powerful as a unicorn), and are very fluent in its use. They also have the ability to create illusions and other kinds of tricks of the senses, and tend to use them with glee.   Unfortunately, fairies are unable to survive without at least one other fairy nearby, which is why they tend to live together. If they are too far away from other fairies for too long, their magic is unable sustain itself and they will die if they remain on their own. While they can travel on their own, provided the trip is short enough, they tend to travel in groups or at least in pairs. This is considered as normal and necessary a precaution as protecting against frostbite or hypothermia in cold climates.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

They share a dialect with other magical creatures, which comes through more or less thickly depending on their fluency with human dialects and depending on who they're speaking with. This dialect, while shared, does tend to vary across different kinds of magical creatures, and fairies are no exception in having some of their own unique linguistic features. In fact, fairies tend to have the most diversity across their own population, given their attachment to human settlements and sometimes contentious relationships with each other.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

For the most part, fairies live in mounds which are ruled over by married monarchs, whose children and close relatives are also considered high-ranking.
Genetic Descendants
Similar to humans (according to them)
Related Ethnicities

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