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A Magician's Guide to Elements: Fire Edition


Greetings, fire user. You are lucky to have been born with this element. We have impressive offensive skill, and we have a natural resistance to heat. This guide will teach you some techniques that will show you how to properly manipulate fire and all of it's wonderful abilities.  

Chapter 1: Thermo-manipulation

In this chapter, you will learn how to use fire's natural ability to apply heat. As expected, you should be cautious of burning anything. This is a deadly element and should not be treated elsehow.  

Heat Sink

  With the ability to apply heat to things, we can create an area of heat wherever we want. This can be used as a protective barrier, as an offensive action, or a functional use.   Step 1: Circulate particles into your hands   For this step, you will focus your particles to your hands, and apply most to the palms.   Step 2: Convert the particles to apply heat   The particles, once circulated, should be converted into fire energy. This fire energy will be over 100 degrees Celsius on average. A skilled fire magician is able to reach temperatures of over 500 degrees! After you've converted it you will be able to easily apply it anywhere by touch  


  A fire magician would know nothing if he didn't know this technique first! This teaches the fundamentals of creating huge fireballs and heat blasts. This is where it all begins.   Step 1: Focus particles on one point   In order to set something aflame, you must first concentrate a high amount of energy into one point. Then, you can expand it from there. Try using the tip of your finger to concentrate a small ball of pure heat.   Step 2: Kindling   In order for your fireball to grow, you will need to feed it. To do this, you can feed your small flame your particles. You can circulate your particles to make it as big as you can handle, but without training, that isn't very big. Once it is kindled, you are now able to use it as fire. Practice keeping the flame lit as long as possible, and slowly kindle it more and more.  


  In order to use multiple fireballs at once, each one needs to be created individually. This is a slightly more advanced technique, but once you have ignition understood, it should not be too much of a problem.   Step 1: Ignite a single fireball   To begin, you will need to start with one fireball already ignited. This fire will be spread across multiple, and each one will be kindled.   Step 2: Divide the fireball   Separate the fire you just made in half, keeping them in 2 different focus points. You could hold them in one hand each, or if you divide it multiple times, one for every finger. You can kindle all of the fireballs at the same time, which will make summoning quicker. A new magician might take a bit longer to kindle, so don't be discouraged if your fire isn't growing very quickly.   Step 3: Expel the fire   After your fireball is fully kindled, you will now be able to shoot it towards your target. To do this, you will need to expel particles from your hands or fingertips. It must be a quick burst of energy, but it does not take as much energy as kindling the fire. The quicker the expulsion, the faster the fireball will fly.  


  Once you have learned the basics of kindling, you will understand how to use this technique. This skill will allow you to create a stream of fire from a focus point.   Step 1: Create fire on one focus point   To use this technique, you must use one focus point. Using your palms will be able to circulate particles more quickly than your fingers, so for a beginner it is advised to use their hand.   Step 2: Create a steady stream of particles   After you've lit your flame, you must create a steady stream of particles flowing out from you. This will create a stream of fire. This can be used as a close ranged offensive move. A beginner magician will have trouble keeping it flowing for more than a couple seconds, but is a technique that will prove to be very useful once trained.  


  Incineration is a technique used to create a blast of fire, close to an explosion. This technique is quite dangerous, and should be practiced with caution.   Step 1: Focus a high density particle focus point   For this skill, you will need a lot of particles to make a proper explosion. Try to make the particles as dense as possible.   Step 2: Ignite the particles, and expel them in one short pulse   In order to make it an explosion rather than a hot flame, you will need to expel the particles as quickly as possible. The faster the expulsion pulse, the more powerful the explosion. For a safer explosion, you should direct the particles away from you. Try keeping them in a 120 degree field, facing away from you. When you use this move, your arm will naturally recoil, so it is best to have your arm ready for impact.      

Chapter 2: Fire Combat

  Fire, being a natural offensive element, has many uses for battle. This chapter will show you combat tactics and skills to use in a real battle. These moves are dangerous and can be deadly, so practice with caution.  

Fire Body

  Fire Body is a technique that uses your particles to create a layer of fire on top of you. It can be used on one part of the body, or your entire body. This technique is useful for offense and defense.   Step 1: Circulate particles through selected area   To create fire around you, you must circulate your particles around that area. This move will be very energy consuming, so it will be easier to train with only one part of the body to begin with.   Step 2: Ignite entire area with fire   For this skill, you will not be using a focus point. Instead, you convert your entire section. This is because your body is the dense particle point for this move. Once ignited, try to keep it active as long as possible. Similarly to the Inflammation technique, you will only be able to hold it for about a second at first. This skill requires a high amount of particles, so it will be very helpful to train your particle circulation.  

Fire Beam

  The Fire Beam is a technique with great power. It concentrates a high density blast of fire, becoming a beam of heat. This beam will be the most deadly move you have learned so far.   Step 1: Create a high density focus point   This technique will require your most highly dense particle focus point yet, so try to make it twice as dense as usual. This step will be difficult. It may take a while to train in order to make it dense enough.   Step 2: Expel particles in a dense stream   For this step, you will have to create an extremely dense stream. This stream will need to travel far, so try to make it as long as possible. Then, ignite the particles, and brace your body for recoil. This step will also be difficult to learn, but don't give up. This is your first moderate level skill.
Manual, Magical / Occult

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