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The World of Terra

167 AU

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Terra was a world full of magic, adventure, and songs -- not one day went by without adventurers regaling the taverns with stories of glories achieved and treasures found. For centuries, Terra experienced a golden age of might and magic.

Until the Breaching of the Pit.

The great island of Avalon was lost when the Inhabitants of the Eternal Pit interfered with a simple portal spell, turning it into a gateway for their forces to feast upon Terra. The great knights and warriors of Avalon tried to close it but to no avail -- the Decade of Suffering had begun.

The Pit did not wait for the Kingdoms of Autumn, Terreria, Shanxi, and the Berhan Isles to gather -- it struck with such malice and hate that all the Kingdoms had to fight a defensive war against it, barely winning anything in return.

The tides turned when the mysterious yet powerful mystic Astreia and her band of mismatched Rangers came to save the day, helping the survivors of Avalon reach safer shores, freeing the besieged Kingdom of Terra, paving the path for the forces of Jade, gathering the tribes of Meganesia, and rescuing the Kingdom of Autumn. Astreia and her rangers became a symbol of hope against the encroaching darkness of the Pit.

The rulers of Terra (once safe from harm) -- High Queen Natalisha of Autumn, Elected-King Rombard of the United Kingdoms of Terreria, Empress Mulan of the Jade Empire, and High Shaman Zuberi of the Meganesia -- met and decided, for the good of all, to destroy Avalon to seal the breach.

This did not bode well for the Mary Pendragon, the Queen of Avalon in name. She fought tooth and nail to convince her fellow monarchs that they can still save her kingdom. Even Astreia protested, claiming she would condone such actions when they could still save Avalon.

The four rulers were not moved and pushed through with their plan, forcing Avalon to attack Autumn with hate and malice. Mary herself fell for the darkness, calling upon the energies of the Dark Magic to stop them. The once united Five Kingdoms of Terra have broken apart: the magically powerful Avalon against the numerous armies of Four Kingdoms

Astreia herself did not stay idle...but did not side with any.

With the help of her Rangers and those sympathetic to her cause, she interrupted the ritual and turned the destructive energies created into a magical storm to contain the threat. The storm became a whirlpool that dragged all the creatures of Pit back to their eternal cage. Terra once more knew peace.

However, it was not without consequences: the planet was in turmoil, all the kingdoms were ransacked, and everyone lost someone to the Decade of Despair.

Autumn was lost -- no one knew what had happened to the land nor to the two armies clashing when the Sea of Storms was born. Any brave soul who ventured into their sea never came back. Some said that Mary cast a despicable spell that destroyed Autumn for its role in planning the ritual while others said that the two armies stood frozen because of a time spell gone wrong...or right.

However, the greatest disaster was the lost of magic. For the Storm Barrier to be created, Astreiai had to channel all magic of the world to cast it. This act crystallized her while all the mystics of the world lost their connection to magic. Not even a single wisp of magic could be channeled by the most powerful of mystics.

But the Decade of Despair was over and the the Kingdoms of Terra could now rebuild. Slowly, the remaining three kingdoms rose from the ashes: Terreria became one kingdom, Jade became a beacon of progress, and Meganesia began building a unified society. The Rangers of Astreia was born to uphold the ideas of the Great Mystic Astreia and protect her crystal tomb, the one powering the Storm Barrier that protected all.

However, it is now year 167 After Unification of Terreria, with history of the past lost except to a few. The darkness was slowly encroaching once more as evil strikes the hearts of the people. Will Terra fall to the darkness that Astreia sacrificed to protect?

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