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Theophilus Chandler

Brother Theophilus Chandler

Former Master Chandler, now an Adept of the Ordo Magna Mater Misericordiae.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Normal, if a bit taller than average human. 5'11", 175lbs

Identifying Characteristics


Special abilities

"Soothing word" - can counter fear or sway mob/hostile crowd twice daily. Clerical turn undead. Abililty to perform minor acts of theurgia.

Apparel & Accessories

In public he is in ecclesiastical garb. On the road or in a tight spot he is in leather armor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Background: Village near Varim Former Profession: Acolyte, Master Candlemaker       Theophilus, 3rd son of Lucernus the Chandler. Grew up in a family of master chandlers, known for their fragrant tapers ("Strands of Maya's Hair") made from the beeswax of the wildflower fed honeybees of the local apiaries. A normal progression into the family trade; 'prenticed to his father, then a journeyman along side his brothers, finally recognized as a Master of the Worshipful Guild of Chandlers (Varim based).   While preparing extra tapers for Sypheros, the outbuilding Theophilus and his brothers were working in caught fire. While Theophilus was quickly able to exit, his brothers were caught. Crying aloud to Maya for mercy, he swore he would dedicate his life to her if his family would be spared... Theophilus rushed back in and as the other family members recounted, he seemed to miraculously emerge with a brother under each arm. The brothers had some scorches, and a bit of smoke inhalation, but recovered quickly. Theophilus was completely untouched and unharmed.   Theophilus told his family of his vow, and it was agreed that in light of Maya's intervention, that he should enter into the service of the Mother of Mercy.


Master Chandler.   Standard priestly education at seminary.


Failures & Embarrassments

Nigh slain by...frogs.

Mental Trauma

Frogs, man....frogs.

Morality & Philosophy

To promote Maya and her faith, those of the Ordo Magna Mater Misericordiae devote themselves to the following: 1. Feeding, clothing, and sheltering those in need   2. Comforting the afflicted and imprisoned   3. Ensuring all receive the dignity a proper funeral   4. Advocate the granting of forgiveness to all who sincerely repent.   Must remain chaste until marriage, Must be tonsured until marriage, May not slaughter livestock or eat slaughtered meat (pescatarianism)


May not slaughter livestock or eat slaughtered meat (pescatarianism). May not own or sell slaves.

Personality Characteristics


Service to Maya, for the saving of his brothers.


Contacts & Relations

Family outside of Varim.

Family Ties

Family of Master Chandlers near Varim.

Religious Views

Adapt of Ordo Magna Mater Misericordiae - follower of Maya.

Social Aptitude

Comfortable in public roles, advising the Great.

Wealth & Financial state


Priest of Maya, Mother of Mercy. Former Master Chandler.

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Neutral Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Master Chandler
  • Adept of the Ordo Magna Mater Misericordiae
Year of Birth
89 PR 25 Years old
Outside Varim
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Must remain chaste until marriage, straight.
Gender Identity
All man, baby.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Somewhat light olive
5' 11'
Quotes & Catchphrases
  • "F-f-frogs!"
  • "By the Hammer of Ator, you shall be avenged!"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages

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Eknopolis Days

It took 3 days to shake of the torpor that overtook me, the result of our ordeals, and the bloody night that ended them. Finally, after prayer and fasting, The Mother of Mercy helped me to regain my wits and purpose...   I quietly sounded others out on their stance on the gladiator arena and it's apparent staffing with many unwilling men and beasts. Of course the Church's position is one of opposition to slavery, but this ... issue, was too close to both the Eknoi temporal powers and the culture that exists here. I did make some valuable contacts with those that feel as strongly as I do about this - particularly Sister Sophia and Father Elefthería - but I may have made myself an annoyance to some of the hierarchy. I must be more subtle in future. I have no desire to try and help, only to be sent to a priory at the ends of the world and only able to preach to terns and gulls. I must admit, see the animation in Sister Sophia's eyes when discussing this, draws me further on as well.   But as I meditated and prayed over both the eyes of Sister Sophia and the Church hierarchy, something new came on the scene, and it distracted me and everyone else. The Porta Clavans have come to Eknopolis! I had only heard a faint rumor or two of the Sister preaching the Doors Of The World being shut to us. The very thought has terrible implications - for me, for all souls of the departed, and the worldly powers that care not to rouse themselves or stir the wrath of the Lich King. If she is right, that Mount Auronus can no long be the path for us all to reach the abode of the gods... then her call for a great Crusade would be impossible to not answer. The secular powers in this city-empire are quite dismayed by this new movement. They held fast by the sacrifice of the Martyrs, and they have become quite comfortable in their safety and their wealth. "Why should we provoke the King of the Dead?" they proclaim. Alas, the League is too scattered, small and weak to mount this kind of Crusade. Without Eknopolis' riches and her fleet - the Crusade would be nothing but a brave gesture.   When we return from the great deserts, I must see how the Porta Clavans have fared. And if Sister Sophia is still there...  
  • Theophilus Chandler
  • The Return to Fort Merula

    Only by the Grace of the Mother of Mercy and the Justice of Ator did we make it back to Fort Merula. Hell-spawned nightmares of lethal frog-beasts being ridden by invincible goblins made sleep fitful and elusive. But finally we were back to whence everything started...Fort Merula. We were most shabbily treated, and all but held to ransom at the gates - apparently the Doge himself had been assassinated. This had not made the already brusque and surly town guard any more gentle in their manners. I unloaded my burden of books on the wizened official quizzing us, and he claimed he would see they made it to Father Decimus. I made no mention of the riches the others carried, hoping my show of indignation, and many pounds of religious tomes would tamp down any hopes of ill gotten gains to be taken from my stout companions.   Securing a space at the Inn (for two weeks, with a bit of the silver from my share of our...gains, I made myself presentable and reported to the church. I had to break the sad news of the apparent loss of young Tarn and his followers - but also the joy of the eventual triumph of Nayea, Maya and Ator over the horrid fish god of the Nar. I, of course, handed over a goodly portion of the remaining silver and gold I had been given...and it was readily taken and locked away. It saddened me to see quick attention (and strong boxes and locked rooms) being paid to silver and gold - as if they were relics of earlier virtue. But the killing of the Doge had men's minds fixed on this world, and earthly concerns. I had no word of the tomes I had turned over, other than an assurance they would make their way to the church.   Keeping a bag of cupric for my few needs at the Inn, I was determined to do what I could to spread the mercy of Maya on this downtrodden place. I observed the few mendicants allowed to beg for alms, tended to gather near a somewhat slovenly kept house, near the edge of the market area. Strangely enough, it appeared to be the domicile of a hulking, one-eyed half-orc. Putting aside my initial wave of suspicion, I decided to speak to the fellow. Ashnog, the half-orc, related to me that he had done what he could to help these pitiful beggars - but was at his wits end. Perhaps this was a fitting need that Maya had steered me toward? I agreed to return this evening to render what help I could.   I had hoped to bring along some of my companions, they all had skills or abilities that would be valued. In retrospect, it would have been much better to wait for them. However, Zhuge was determining if he would even remain here, or return home. Riven had never been seen since walking off from the temple, and I could not find Alex or Keg-ho. The brave wolf was not visible anywhere either. Perhaps the town was too confining for Keg-ho and the valorous canine.   I reached the slovenly house at sunset. Knocking, I was readily admitted by one of the alms-seekers I had seen earlier. I asked after Ashnog, and was directed to the next room to see him seated at a table. He stood and greeted me, and I blessed him in Maya's name. We discussed the poor situation here, in this house, and in Fort Merula. Had Ashnog not sought the aid of the Church here? An orcish snort of contempt was all I got in return. I mentioned that I still retained some coins of silver and gold, and might be able to buy in food and clothing to help... when suddenly a burlap sack was pulled down over my head from behind. I reached for my purse when my arm was wrenched away with a fearful crack. Crying aloud for Maya's aid, I was able to push backward and stagger back to the doorway of the room. My good arm was enough to get the sack off my head as I bolted from the house, limned with Maya's Light.   Back to the Inn, where I made my way to my room and appealed once more to The Mother of Mercy, to heal my arm, which was clearly broken. Bathed in her radiant mercy, the bones knit...but a scar where the break had occurred was still there. A fitting reminder of how I had erred, and one I shall leave be. Exhausted though I was, I went to report this to the night watch. I was met with disinterest and disdain. I returned to the Inn and vowed to take this up again in the morning...   I arose early and made my devotions. I broke my fast in the common room and went to the Town Guard. After my explanation, two bored looking men-at-arms accompanied me to the house. It was deserted - no mendicants outside, no half-orcs or waylayers inside. After a short discussion, the guards agreed to ask at the gate if such persons as I described had passed. And, to my dismay, they had. "First thing this morning, horse cart with a half orc and 4 humans rolled out...headed south. Seemed to be in good spirits, they did."   I can only hope that Ator will avenge his wife's servant by having them run into the giant f...f...frogs of the swamps.

    Character Portrait image: Theophilus by Hero Forge


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