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Scouts of Palesia (Li Spécúlatores de Palesia)

Named after the Palesian Woodland that originally served as their home base, the history of the Scouts of Palesia is tied with the founding of the Aeriscan League. Upon arriving in former province of Aerisca Borealis after the Refugium, there was a need to explore the wilderness to identify resources and blaze trails for the Rexan refugees to follow as they established new settlements. The city-states of the League established an elite corps of scouts tasked with surveying and mapping the land. As the wilderness of Aerisca is filled with hostile monsters and bandits, the Palesians became adept at stealth and were trained to be expert archers. Due to their life far away from the urban centers of Aeriscan civilization, the Palesians developed their own culture that prioritized the traits needed for survival in the wilderness with their own unique code of honor.

After the first generation of Palesians explored and mapped the boundaries of the League, the Council of 60 decided that their services were no longer needed. Refusing to disband, the tradition is now passed from parent to child, and the skills of a Palesians are now available to anyone with enough coin. This once noble band reduced to common mercenaries, they survive as couriers, wilderness guides, trappers, spies, and bounty hunters. Some Palesians have turned to the life of adventuring, employing their skills in the service of uncovering treasures from ages past. Regardless of their profession, the defining trait of a Palesian is his or her adherence to the traditions and lifestyle of the first Scouts of Palesia.


The Palesian Scouts hold special regard for Bira, the Ouranic Goddess of the Hunt, and Palesians are often devout followers of her cult.

The conduct and customs that a Palesian is expected to follow is known as the Palesian Codex (Aeriscan:Codexe Palesiani), which is passed down through oral transmission. As dictated by the Codex:
  1. Palesian Scouts dedicate their lives to mastering Bira's arts: archery, stealth, and tracking.
  2. Palesian Scouts must always have the following items on their person: a blade, bow and a quiver of arrows, and their cloak.
  3. A Palesian Scout must not settle in any one place for longer than one season (3 months).
  4. A Palesian Scout must never harm another Scout. Those who draw the blood of their brothers and sisters are anathema and can expect no succor among us.
  5. A Palesian Scout always completes his or her contract, prefering death to failure.

We will explore and defend

Founding Date
2 PR
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Alternative Names
Greencloaks (Lé Lénas Vírdes)
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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Notable Members
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