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Ouranic Gods

Major Pantheon

Name Aspect
Eion Goddess of the Horizon
Edius God of Fire
Ator God of Oaths, Justice, Vengeance, and War
Naeia  Goddess of Oceans and Rivers
Maya Goddess of Mercy, Love, Marriage, and Childbirth
Lamos God of Healing and Medicine
Ikatrus God of Agriculture (Particularly Grapes and Winemaking)
Cireus Goddess of the Wind
Xidohros God of Darkness and Night
Bira Goddess of the Hunt
Ka’ais God of Fate
Xumus God of Sky and Weather
Nexra Goddess of Death and Disease*

Minor Pantheon

Name Aspect
Aryth (Demi-God) Messengers and Speed
Meana Muse of History and Writing (daughter of Eion)
Loris Muse of Song and Dance
Dona Goddess of Hearth and Home
Rilene Goddess of Wisdom and Fortune-Telling
Ulan God of Roads
Aelos God of the sun (son of Eion and Edius)
Rena Goddess of the Harvest and wife of Ikatrus
Unas God of Trade
Rheus (demi-god) Son of Ator and great warrior
Religious, Pantheon
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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