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Ouranic Church

The state religion of the former Rexan Empire, the Ouranic Church is the vehicle for the veneration of the pantheon of Ouranic Gods worshipped by the Rexan and Eknoi peoples. The Ouranic Church continues to be recognized by the Aeriscan League and the Eknon Empire.

Tenets of Faith

The primary moral precepts that the Ouranic faithful are expected to follow are expressed in the Lex Atoriae:

  1. Do not close one's eyes and ears to my Law
  2. Do not steal
  3. Do not rob with violence
  4. Do not murder
  5. Do not steal offerings intended for the gods left on altars
  6. Do not steal property consecrated to the gods
  7. Do not lie
  8. Do not curse
  9. Do not commit adultery
  10. Do not commit warti
  11. Do not defraud others for gain
  12. Do not steal land cultivated by another
  13. Do not listen to speech not intended for you
  14. Do not investigate matters that do not concern you
  15. Do not disrupt the harmony of one's community and sow strife
  16. Do not slander
  17. Do not live a life full of wroth
  18. Do not poach animals on the lands belonging to your lords
  19. Do not imprison or enslave another contrary to the laws of the land
  20. Do not debauch a woman under the protection of another
  21. Do not pollute yourself
  22. Do not terrorize the innocent
  23. Do not transgress the law of gods or men
  24. Do not live a life of violence
  25. Do not blaspheme
  26. Do not act without prudence and discretion
  27. Do not exaggerate when speaking
  28. Do not work goety
  29. Do not deny bread, clothes, or shelter to the orphan, ill, or widow
  30. Do not deny the dead proper burial
  31. Do not tolerate those who violate these laws to live amongst you without punishment


Ouranic faithful are expected to pray up to six times a day. The Elders of the Church instruct that prayers should be offered to various gods upon rising out of bed, the third hour of the day, at midday, the ninth hour of the day, at sunset, before bed, and at midnight. This schedule of prayer has evolved to serve as the framework for the reckoning of time in Ouranic lands.

Canonical Hours

  1. Aurora (Eion, Aelos, and Cireus) - Sunrise 6 am
  2. Cibalis (Bira, Ikatrus, Rena) - 9 am
  3. Caelestia (Aelos, Cireus, Xumus) - Noon
  4. Vitalis (Ator, Maya, Lamos and Ka'ais) - 3 pm
  5. Vespera (Eion, Edius, Aelos) - 6 PM or Sunset
  6. Conticinium (Ator and Maya) - 9 pm
  7. Intempestum (Xidohros) - 12 midnight


Porta Clausa

Porta Clausa is the name given to a faction within the Aeriscan branch of the Church that believes entrance to Ourana has been closed to the souls of the dead since the events of the Refugium and the occupation of Mount Ourana by the necromancers of the Cult of Nexra.

Founding Date
2315 AR
Religious, Organised Religion
Permeated Organizations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

Ouranization of the Rhennish People


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