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Labrax Bay

Located on the coast of Aerisca Borealis, Labrax Bay forms a portion of the border between the city-state of Alios in the Aeriscan League and the Nanic Kingdom of Kharad. Presently, however, the area is sparesly populated, ande rich natural resources of the area remain mostly untapped


Map of Labrax Bay

Fauna & Flora

Labrax Bay contains a multitude of notable species of flora and fauna, both monstrous and mundane. The scrubland that makes up the majority of the bay is home to deer, bear, and other animals. Morbida Swamp contains several dangerous species that pose great risk to adventurers, including the Aeriscan Giant Frog, Strix, and giant centipedes. The caves dotted along the cliffs on each side of the bay often contain colonies of Giant Cave Spiders.



Almost one thousand years ago, Labrax Bay was home to several prosperous harbor towns under the control of the Nar city-state of Qadshat. After the Rexan victory in the Rexan-Nar War in 946 AR, Labrax Bay lost its importance as a major maritime region on the Central Sea. In the interim, the area fell into obscurity and was mostly reclaimed by the wilderness.

However, with the fall of the Rexan Empire and the events of the Refugium, the Aeriscan League has recently begun to recolonize the area. Starting with the establishment of Fort Merula, Aeriscan merchants hope to exploit the abundant natural resources, namely fish, salt, and timber, as well as to establish trade with the Karadi outpost of Nodim located on the southern shore of the bay. Recent expansion into Labrax Bay has brought the Aeriscan colonists of Fort Merula and surrounding settlements into conflict with the indigenous Wem tribes that occupy the Getha Hills. Sellswords and adventurers from all across Tel have found their way to this area, having been attracted by the opportunities for mercenary work in defending the Aeriscans from the Wem as well as tales of lost Naric treasure.

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