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Gnomi are demi-humans who originate from the hot and arid lands of western Aeolia and Dhenia. Calling themselves the Ghamadim, they resemble their cousins, the Nanoi, in build, they are closer in stature to the Oameni, whom they also resemble. Well-adapted to the desert climate in which they dwell, they have formed several prosperous nations along the western half of the Dragon Silk Road.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Gnomian cultures tend to organize themselves into various tribes that group together into larger clans. Family lineage is extremely important, with the average Gnomus able to name 5 or 6 generations of his or her ancestorial line.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Based on the lore passed down from generations ago, the sages of Tel believe that the original Gnomian homeland was somewhere in Khengiria. Sometime during the latter part of the Third Age, the Gnomi migrated west to settle in the hills of eastern Ar-Shem. From there, certain Gnomic tribes migrated northwards to Aeolia Minor and southwards to Khemia and Aerisca Borealis.

Civilization and Culture

Common Dress Code

Gnomi tend to wear clothing that lends them comfort in the arid desert climate of their homelands. Both Gnomi men and women wear long flowing robes that tend to be dyed white or in warm earth tones. In most Gnomian cultures, men wear some sort of cloth headcovering, whereas women wear a headscarf.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Gnomian nations have had historically cordial relations with the Kazman Kharadim and Vamana peoples, serving as a merchant class to the more reclusive craftsmen. Likewise, they have enjoyed close relations with the Vanaran Alvi of Dhenia and Xianese Alvi of Aeolia for similar reasons.

Ghamadi Male by Hero Forge
Scientific Name
Hominoideus pumilus orientalis
Desert, Deep, Forest
350 years
Average Height
3' to 3.5'
Average Weight
40 to 45 pounds
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking

Gnomian complexions run from a dark tan to a light walnut brown, which assists in camouflage within the arid scrblands they call home. Their hair is typically black to dark brown; however, Gnomi with red hair are not unheard of. Their eyes range from brown to light grey or hazel.

Geographic Distribution

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