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For the civilizations of Tel, some of the most important animals are the equinoids; creatures who resemble the common horse, but possess special abilities beyond that of their more mundane cousins. There are five known species of equinoids: Akyali, Hivin, Khros, Aspa, and Liongma.

Basic Information


The equinoids are so named due to their physical resemblance to the common horse; as such, they all possess long necks, narrow heads, and slender legs adapted for running. All equinoids are quadrupeds with the exception of the Aspa, which is a hexaped. Equinoids do not display a high degree of sexual dimorphism, and females looks similar to males. Equinoid species vary greatly in size with some species as tall as 20 hands (80 inches) and others being the size of a large dog. The Hivin, Khros, and Aspa are mammalian, whereas the Akyali and Liongma are repto-mammalian.

Genetics and Reproduction

Equinoids reproduce sexually, with most species organized into harems, where a group of mares are only mated to the alpha stallion. However, the Khros perfer to form monogamous pairs. The mammalian species of equinoids may be capable of interbreeding with common horses; however, such a union has yet to be documented.

Ecology and Habitats

Spread across the entirety of Tel, equinoids can be found in a multitude of biomes. Akyali are found in desert environments, Khros prefer mountains, Liongma are found in rainforests, Hivin and Aspa are reside in grasslands and savanna.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like common horses, equinoids are obligate herbivores that require a large amount of vegetation to graze on a daily basis. In the wild, equinoids can spend up to 80 percent of the day grazing. Although they prefer grass, equinoids are capable of also consuming tree bark, leaves, shoots, fruits, and roots.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Both the Khros and the Liongma are sapient species, with the Khros capable of telepathic communication and the Liongma capable of speech and Arcane spellcasting.

  • Content informed by "The Dragon's Bestiary" by Kurt Martin, Dragon Magazine No. 149, Sept. 1989
  • The Liongma is an example of an Equinoid
    Scientific Name
    Akyali, Hivin, Khros, Aspa, Liongma
    Geographic Distribution

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