Henry Goldfinch

Born and raised in the village of Blue-Apple Orchards, Henry was the youngest of four children, and the only son to Mary and David Goldfinch. Growing up was tough, being a modest farming village, but the people of Blue-Apple Orchards took care of each other. With no school in the village, Henry was put to work tending to the wheat fields and keeping the windmill on his family's farm. Over the years, Henry was able to pick up bits of knowledge about the world, mostly from travelers from the road, about the nations of the world, races, and even magic, which always left Henry with a sense of wonder.   As the years went by, Henry's circle of friends grew to include other members of his village: Lumpy, the proprietor of the Golden Pony Inn. Thomas, his neighbor from the Sunsand family, Old-man Cletus the butcher, Gabriel the priest who presided over the way-shrine in the center, Fyndgrove the village elder, and Tuck a Warforged farmer and the only nonhuman in the village.   Life in the Goldfinch household was tough, being the youngest of four siblings. Henry's sisters: Lucy, Alice, and Bethany, would take pleasure in teasing Henry and making him the but of various practical jokes. Despite all of this pandemonium, Henry was still well love by his parents, and his sisters.   Unfortunately, because of the nature of Blue-Apple Orchards being mostly a small rest stop for the traders, magic was uncommon in Henry's home village, and if passing travelers were spellcasters, they didn't make it known. Doubly unfortunately, because of the lack of other non-humans in Blue Apple Orchards, Henry is not accustomed to the existence of other non-human races, which has lead to many an innocently awkward situations.   However, while Henry's life was contained to Blue-Apple Orchards, the same could not be said for the rest of the world. Because of the village's location, within the Valley of Aaura, near the border of the Tactant empire, soldiers from different armies have fought over the area for centuries. So much so that it was not uncommon for Henry growing up, to see the soldiers parading through the village, "requisitioning" supplies from the villagers on their way to and from the front.   A Change for the worse   Years later, when Henry was well into his manhood, the Tractant army once again was passing through, although this time, they were conscripting recruits. The Lieutenant, Rodger Awaynebecker, ordered all the adults to line up in the center of the village. He then pointed his finger at every other person saying quote: "Able-bodied, able-bodied, able-bodied...get in the wagon the lot of you." And so, Henry, Thomas, and half of the adult population of the village were conscripted into the Tactant Royal Army.   After marching for two days, the whole lot arrived at the military camp of Army Group D. For the next 3 days, Henry was drilled into the mindset of the standard man-at-arms: how to use a basic weapons, how to shoot a longbow and crossbow, how to properly maintain a camp, marching orders, and how to scrap up resources on the battlefield. Funny Anecdote: one the first day of training, conscripts recieved their armor and weapons freshly plucked from corpse carts.   A Clash of Swords and blood   After formed into the "3rd Company" under the command of Rodgar Awaynebecker, Henry would fighter in a few battles: the battle of Lundslow bridge, the siege of Castle Coranto, and the battle of Fallow Fields. It was at the battle of Fallow Fields where Henry would make the biggest mistake of his life.   As the battle dragged on, what had once seemed as an easy victory for Army Group D and 3rd Company, soon turned into excrement: the advance of the 1st Royal Dragoons had been repulsed and all prior attempts to regain momentum had been for naught. It was here that General Bridgemoore, commander of Army Group D, made one last desperate gamble: all man-at-arms companies would charge enemy lines, with the 2nd Royal Fusiliers flanking from the west. Although most went over the top, Henry's company had not. Lieutenant Awaynebacker ordered all of them to charge, but none would go over the top. He pulled out his saber, threatening to start slicing until everyone went over.   In a desperate move to save the lives of everyone, Henry shot the Lieutenant with his bow, killing him. A moment later, from the battlefield, the enemy army was charging to route the Tractants, and someone in Henry's company yelled: "Run for your bloody lives!" Henry was separated from his comrades as he ran as fast as he could in a random direction, through thick forest, until he couldn't hear the sounds of battle anymore.   A New Life   For days Henry wandered, unsure of where he was. Until he came upon a small tavern in the middle of a clearing: The Board Goat. Feeling safe within the familiar confines of a small tavern on the road, Henry would stay at the Board Goat for the next two days, sleeping behind the shed during the night.   That changed however one night when three adventurers showed up having finished a quest. Soon after they arrived and started to enjoy a nice evening in, patrons of the inn started dropping dead from being shot with arrows from outside the inn, including the inn-keeper. Alarmed by the situation, Henry stayed low to the ground, until the arrows stopped and a mysterious figure came inside the tavern. Dressed in elven armor, the figure offered eleven plate armor and a hefty coin purse for a
Current Location
Dark Brown, Almond shaped
Medium length, bushy, hazel colored
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Slightly Tanned
200 lbs.

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