Dossier #733

Mission Constituents: Birdcage, Bookmark, Reed, Sirocco
Handler: XXXX
Target: Avatar of Ao of the Faerûnian Pantheon
Accepted Collateral: Faerûnian Deities/Lesser
Accepted Date: 1 - 13 - 1511AL
Accepted Deadline: 12 - 31 - 1811AL
  The gods of the Faerûnian pantheon have shown themselves vulnerable in recent centuries starting with the Herald of the End event in 1189AL and the creation of the Dorianic Pantheon thereafter. Since then, the peace between gods has led to an unnatural stagnation and the vacant portfolios within are, by our conclusions, a danger to the world order. Your task is to remove Ao from the influence of our plane and return his vestige back to Abeir-Toril. We understand this task is on a scale never before taken, but that is why your team will be the ones to attempt it. Evidence of this regression is as follows:  
  • Destruction of Selûne and Shar from the moon incident in 1189AL, shattering their hold which has remained vacant since. Deities have been claiming elements of the portfolio including Val'andra'as, the Death Cleric as The Goddess of the Fade and two yet unknown deities.
  • Herald of the End being vanquished by mortals in the year 1190AL, proving lesser deities can be slain by lesser entities. Final blow is redacted from texts, but the one who did was not (at least at the time), a god entity yet.
  • Passing of the portfolio from Milil to Jorryn Yalleth in 1292AL, unseating the previous deity and removing further influence from Abeir-Toril.
Our suggestion will be to unseat lesser deities in the Faerûnian pantheon in an attempt to make a weakness in the armor of Ao's avatar in this universe. This can be done in a multitude of ways including but not limited to in the least the absence of followers and temples, destruction of holy realms and avatars, etc. Understand that currently Ao is still to powerful to face in any contest, so consider your path wisely.    There are three preparations we would suggest before confronting your target.
  • There is a Resurrectionist we have dealings with North of this location named Leula. She is a halfling necromancer from Mor Idrar with black hair and obsidian piercings often wearing relaxed attire and considered a non-threat. Their business is near the hamlet of Maelphun and while their prices are steep, they can provide a means of return should you perish in the journey ahead. Understand our one time endowment should be used for this specifically from the onset for fear of your 
  • Along your path, you should seek out bards from the College of Hymn. They are well versed in traditions and customs for religions throughout the world and will draw more inspiration than most monks. Be mindful of what you say in their presence, for coin is more to most than passing interest and that could lead to complications.
  • Utilize your own connections and intelligence networks you have grown during your time. These should prove helpful so long as your core mission isn't trespassed upon by outsiders.
Finally, your rank within the Silver Eye shall be sealed until the completion of your task. Until such a time that your task is complete, your seat in our ranks will be be considered vacated. You will be unable to call upon your brethren in arms or resources from here on out. Dossier destruction should be confirmed by your Handler.   Truth in the Gilded Eye Beheld Go with Purpose
Report, Intelligence

Cover image: TABLED by Lauren Baranger


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