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The World of Særon

Særon is an isolated world filled with mystery. It is not a solid world, but a hollow world. On the surface world humans at the medieval-level of development (roughly 12th c. Europe) are creating their very first kingdoms and city-states. This is a time where they are building their very first gothic cathedrals with their impressive flying buttresses, and sturdy castles which serve as the focal point of the new cities that are rising up.   All this human development, however, occurs within the shadow of the dwarves who live hidden away from others in their grand underground halls deep underground. Having reached the peak of their power, they saw the rising up of the humans (as well as the goblinoids and orcs), and shut the doors of their mountain fortresses to protect themselves from the chaos they saw coming. This happened centuries ago, and now only a few, isolated communities of dwarves remain on the surface world to great the new kingdoms that arise.     There are also the reclusive, nearly immortal elves, who live in thick, nearly impenetrable forests, they also keep their distance from the growing human kingdoms and the humanoid hordes which grow in strength.   Gnomes and Halflings also exist, living in small, sparse, communities in the forests and hills. Being the most friendly and open of the demihuman races to humans, they can frequently be found visiting the human kingdoms for trade and entertainment.   Evil also exists on the surface world in the form of diverse, but related goblinoid tribes of goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, orcs, and kobolds [this world adopts the older D&D - pre-3E - view that kobolds and orcs are part of the goblinoid family].   Beneath the surface world there lies the underworld, there stories are told in dimly lit taverns at night of the duergar and the derro, both of whom are well known threats that frequently threaten those who dare to enter its depths.   In most worlds the underworld - or underdark - would be as far as one could go, but in Saeron there is a hollow world where a core would normally be found. It has huge openings to it in the polar regions, and at the very center of this inner world lies an interior sun that shines ever bright. Between the inner surface world and the central sun there can be found a handful of stationary floating continents. The only time darkness ever hits the interior surface of the world is when these stationary floating continents block the inner sun, creating a type of perpetual eclipse on some portions of the interior continents. It is at these locations that the underworld races - like the duergar - have come to the surface and built surface kingdoms in these areas of constant darkness. For the rest of the interior world, the sun always shines and in this never ending day, time seems to stand still. For the strange races, creatures, and civilizations that have arisen in this inner world that is cut off from not only the surface world, but the multiverse as a whole, amazing new discoveries are waiting to be made.   [The World of Særon is a homebrew campaign world that uses the Castles & Crusades RPG rules system, with heavy influences from AD&D 1st edition (monk class), AD&D 2nd edition (psionicist class), and Basic D&D (Hollow World)]

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