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The Iceman Cometh Part 5 Report

General Summary

  • The Black Cross sneak up on Emtreed and her followers as they pray towards an ice statue of an elven woman.
  • They instruct Morag, the Orc sergeant for King Obould, to assemble his men and assault the Frozen Throne together.
  • The divine among the Black Cross melt the ice statue which lead to the summit of Mount Rimewolf
  • Tenzin spies the Elm tree depicted on The Grasshopper to the far side of the summit
  • They resolve to fight The Cold One first and as the battle rages, The Cold One summons a white dragon to aid him.
  • Kayne blows his newly acquired horn and through a misty pink and red portal flies our an red dragon
  • Nedhery the Insane and Valconix the Crimson engage in combat
  • Valconix slays Nedhery in a protracted battle
  • With Valconix's help, The Black Cross defeats The Cold one
  • Valconix proclaims herself their mother and urges Kayne to search for Blackrazor in the Plane of Shadow
  • Valconix speaks with Tazu and learns that there are more Dragonborn in Ra
  • Tenzin goes to the Elm tree and inserts the Grasshopper and The Sparrow into the tree
  • In elven, carvings in red amber appear   The Sparrow Soar High
    As Grasshopper trills in Moonlight   The Master Returns
  • In the frostfall, Master Fujin appears to comfort Tenzin and urges him to protect his family and friends and serve the cause of good.
  • The elven carvings converge and from within a silver and gold sword hilt
  • Tenzin draws the sword hilt and hears Master Fujin's soothing voice
  • The sword he pulls out is The Peerless Blade
  • The party will head back to base and follow up on Vandel's desire to head east and west.

Rewards Granted

  • 2000GP in sapphire gems
  • The Peerless Blade

The Godbound - Sunday SG
Vandel Starr
Report Date
22 Nov 2020

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