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The World of Salvus

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Hi all,  

The world is called Salvus: A home-brew high fantasy universe comprised of several nations

Romsk - Fantasy Eastern Europe. Rivals with the nation of Ra. Famed Seafarers   Ra - Fantasy Egypt. Land of mysticism and magic. Large population of Dragonborn, Kobolds and Lizardfolk.   Tylaria - Fantasy Western Europe. Powerful military and its leaders has great ambition to take over the world. Exports it's culture and weapons to its rivals' enemies   Zanzri - Fantasy Africa. Jungle, swamps and bogs. Many exotic races reside in Zanzri like Tabaxi and Bullywugs but they are uncommonly found in the greater world   Cyne (pronunced Kai-een) - Land of the elves. Travelers are known to get lost in the elven forests   Guulsworth - A tiny independent nation sandwiched between Tylaria and Cyne and constantly bullied by both. As a result, her people are strong in both martial and magical arts   Galeo - Land of the Dwarves, gnomes and halflings. The entire region is dotted with underground dwarven forts and tunnels   Ses and Yu - Fantasy Japan and China respectively. They still claim to be the same nation by the two major powers of each nation but there is a fractious conflict brewing   The Badlands - Located west of Ses and Yu, north of Ra and Romsk, is a wild mountainous region. Inhabited by orcs, gnolls and other vicious beings (at least according to the stories by the "civilised" races), it is a hard land that breeds hard people

The setting

While each race celebrate their own creation myth and supposed own Gods, there are no Gods that actually contribute to the lives of the mortals. As heroes and villains emerge in the world, there are rumours of individual beings that can change the fabric of reality of the world itself. Some say that the dead walk the world, adventurers and travelling merchants report sightings fantastical creatures that can wield flame and claw. As the heroes explore their world, some will eventually take on the responsibilities of Divinity  
High Fantasy, low technology setting. Steel and plate has not been invented yet   Cyne and Guulsworth are centres of magical learning   Tylaria and Galeo are centres of engineering and invention   Ses and Yu are centres of religion and technology   Romsk, Ra and Zanzri are centres of mystical power

Character creation

Dice Rolling:
All characters will roll 1-2 sets of 4D6 drop lowest. All characters will share the same set of 6 stats to be assigned to their Ability Score.   Levels:
Starting level: 5
Ending Level: 15-20   Races available:
  • Human
  • Dragonborn
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Gnome
  • Half-elf
  • Halfling
  • Half-Orc
  • Orc
  • Aasimar
  • Tiefling
  • Goliath
  • Goblin
  • Lizardfolk
  • Kobold
  • Tabaxi
  Languages:   All languages are available but will need to be backed by character story and background.   Classes available:   All PHB + Xanathar Classes. Homebrew subclasses subject to approval.   Planar traveler races:   Not allowed. Example: Shadar-kai, Eladrin   Planestouched races are shunned and are extremely rare. They will have a hard time getting around and may even be attacked on sight   Classes to note:   Clerics and Druids do not have Gods. They will need to undergo a story-driven physical / spiritual journey to uncover their Divine Powers.   Bards and Paladins do not require Gods to cast magic. They do not require a physical / spiritual journey.   Warlocks and Sorcerers: Due to lack of an entity to bestow their innate and gifted powers, this will need to be discussed in detail with the GM.   Multiclassing:   Allowed during character creation. This will need to be grounded in-universe. Fighter that wishes to take on a Warlock patron must seek out a Warlock patron in-game. Multiclass dips are discouraged as the Patron, God, Deity, etc may demand additional levels in Their Chosen's class   Feats:   All PHB and Xanathar. Chosen feats must fit into character and in-universe actions. Guild Artisan Wizard taking Tavern Brawler might not fit into their character background, for example or never using a crossbow but suddenly you are a Crossbow Expert. Starting Equipment: Standard only   Party creation   Please consider bringing a few characters for session zero. This is to facilitate for group composition. Your characters should ideally want to be in a party, even if only for the short term. The party will start already organised as an group, either established or new. They can be a mercenary group, religious chapter, thieves' guild, military order, etc.