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The World of New Genesis

1901 NG

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This Campaign Setting is set roughly 500 years after the conclusion of the "Army of New Genesis" campaign, which ran for 5 years and spanned 3 different iterations of the D&D rules. The Campaign Setting itself has been run for over 20 years and has spanned 5(!) Editions of D&D rules!   New Genesis is a world at its pinnacle of magical and technological mastery. Elven arcane masters fight along side belching, steam powered Aragonian mechanika. A Human brigand produces both a rapier and a blackpowder quad-iron pistol against a Zamberian Dragon-man. A Necrotech enhanced, Defiled fleshcrafter unleashes a barrage of crackling Spark at a deft Golden Gnome Physical Adept. A Bloodwing pirate captain and his crew attempts a raid on the last Dwarven city on the planet, the air-ship producing Skyharbor, located on the highest mountain peak in the known world. From the highest spire of the Floating Citadel to the deepest recesses of the Coredepth caves, from the exotic and ancient lands of the half-dragon Zamberians to the Beastial East where monsters rule, from the steam and smoke shrouded capital city of Aragos in the dark southern continent of Downspin to the fridged northern glaciers of the Barbarians, New Genesis needs adventurers like you!