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The Spider Syndicate

Despite the Thieves Guild's best efforts, there are a number of independent criminal gangs throughout the known world. These small cells of brigands, pirates, and ne'er-do-wells thread a narrow line, living both outside the law and as competition to the massive, worldwide Thieves Guild. The Spider Syndicate is one such organization.   Founded by Feno Bramblethorn, a Wood Elf disillusioned with his people's insular reverence for nature, the Spider Syndicate operates north of the city of Terra, along the western coast of Crater Bay. They operate primarily as highwaymen, shaking down merchants and travelers who entire their domain, or who stray to close to shore. Feno has attempted to mold his band of brigands into a less bloodthirsty gang than others he's encountered, but most of his underlings have no compunction against murder.


Feno Bramblethorn, Male Wood Elf Ranger (Gloomstalker)/Rogue, is the (usually) undisputed leader of the Spider Syndicate.   His immediate Lieutenants (and oldest friends) are:
Lexvori ("Lexi"), female Aragonian Glaivemaster. Dour, easily frustrated, and prone to violence, its a well-known secret that she is in (unrequited) love with Feno.   Obsydinaxx ("Syd"), a male Black Zamberian Fighter/Rogue. Snide, untrustworthy, and jealous, Syd believes he will lead the Syndicate one day.   SpinterCat, a Golden Gnome Arcane Trickster. The 'heart' of the group, SplinterCat was banished by their tribe for theft.   The rest of the Spider Syndicate is made of up ruffians, ex-pirates, thugs, and people just looking for any group that would accept them:
Brock Falconleaf, Male Wood Elf
"Binny" Falconleaf, Female Wood Elf (Sister of Brock)
Trayana, Female Half-Orc
"Black-Eye" Sandon, Male Human
Maddy "Four Fingers", Female Human
Emmerson the Stout, Male Dwarf
Ayda Farmarris, Female Elf
"Mutt", Male Savage Human
Hallgrim Ragnorsson, male barbarian Human
Kerwin Smythe, Male Human
Edmar Zayne, Male Human
Huxford Sykes, Male Human

Public Agenda

Get rich, live free, avoid consequences.


Early in Feno Brambletorn's criminal career, he realized that he'd spend a lot less time in prison if he had a crew to watch his back. His first and closest friend was Valas Frear, a shadowy and haunted young half-elf. Valas was a disturbed Half-Drow, but they grew to trust one another, mostly out of necessity.   Together with Valas, Feno helped to build the Spider Syndicate to about 15 members. The Spider Syndicate engaged in mostly robbery and other petty theft, but was chaotic, with members coming, going, and being captured by the law. During the attempted robbery of a powerful Sorcerer's lackey, Valas was captured and offered a simple choice: join me or die. Feno wondered for years what became of his compatriot...   Distraught and tired of losing members of his crew, Feno retreated the Syndicate to the wilderness from which he emerged. Soon after, they claimed the abandoned tower of Sideswipe as their base of operations. Unfortunately, they were unable to unlock it's magical powers of mass teleportation until a visit from an old friend.   Today, the Spider Syndicate has had a run of good luck and have a new, powerful mode of transportation. If you're traveling between Cliffport and Terra, beware the Spider Syndicate!

Founding Date
1889 NG
Illicit, Syndicate

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