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The Pearl Realm

The Pearl Realm is a small Demi-Plane, adjacent to the Prime Material, the Astral, and the Ethereal Planes. Here, Souls (called Petitioners) come from the mortal world below to be judged and assigned to their final fate in the Outer Planes. It is home to a host of cosmic entities and Aasimars, who live to serve the Celestial Bureaucracy, who in turn supports the Judge who wields the Book of Life. It is a Plane of peace, a hazy, dream-like Realm full of the souls of the dead, all patiently awaiting their final judgement.  


When a mortal's physical vessel expires, the person's soul begins its inexorable journey through the Planes of existence to its final resting place in the Outer Planes. The first stop on this cosmic journey is the 'Pearl Realm', a demi-plane found near the borders of the Prime Material, Astral and Ethereal Planes. Once a soul is freed from their mortal shell, they become what is known as a 'Petitioner', an echo of who the person was, a pure expression of the sum of their time in the Prime Material. This Petitioner knows that they are dead and that they are meant to be going to their final reward.   As this Petitioner glides between the gaps in existence, they quickly find themselves in the Pearl Realm, patiently waiting in an immeasurably long line, into the Celestial Temple, in the center of the Celestial City, where they await final judgement. As time is rather meaningless in the Realm, and for an immortal soul, they soon (?) find themselves before the Celestial Judge. The Judge, armed with the Book of Life, reviews the Petitioner's actions and intentions during their mortal jaunt. After a thorough review of a soul's life, their beliefs, and customs, the Judgement is passed and the Petitioner is set upon an inexorable path to the Outer Plane deemed by the Judge.   The Petitioner's time in the Pearl Realm allows a window for resurrection and even the ability for Planes Walkers to physically travel to the Pearl Realm and speak directly to them. The Petitioner has only fuzzy memories of their life, until reminded by the perfect accounting in the Book of Life, and have no desire to leave the queue. Only Deities, Demon Lords, and other powerful cosmic entities have any chance of swaying a Petitioner to leave their spot in the queue or in stealing them away against their will. In most cases, Petitioners, as pure souls, are nearly indestructible and intangible.  


Occasionally, some Petitioners choose to stay, at least for a while, in the Pearl Realm to assist the Celestial Bureaucracy. They join the angelic hosts that usher the souls, defend the realm, and attend to the needs of the entities that make this place their home. Some of these entities interact with visiting mortals and produce Aasimars. In fact, there is an small population of 'native' Aasimars that make the Realm their home.


Perceptually, the Pearl Realm is mostly monochromatic, filled with a hazy, pale light reflecting off of marble-like structures in a subtle, but quite pleasant, rainbow effect. A natural vignette effect clouds the vision of visiting mortals, and seeing more than a few hundred feet in any direction is obscured by an opalescent haze. A soft breeze blows through perfectly manicured Cyprus trees and Romanesque columned buildings. Silvery spire tops glitter, glare, and shine in odd geometric patterns across the sky.  

Physics and Natural Laws

Gravity is normal, despite most residents being unaffected by it. There is no day or night, only the pearlescent glow from all directions that obliterates shadows. Time, as previously mentioned, does not flow normally here. A mortal traveler my find that, upon return to their home Plane, a millennia has passed or only a mere moment. Experienced Planes Walkers will be sure to anchor themselves to not only a location in their home Plane, but also a time, to prevent these sorts of issues.   The Realm exudes a strong aura of Lawful Neutral, but not in the same mechanical, unnatural way as say, the Plane of Mechanus, does. Justice, fairness, and truth (both harsh and comforting) are the foundational principles from which the Plane is formed. Extreme alignments are muted here, as is Chaos.   The Plane is finite, but unbounded. As one moves towards the edges of the Realm, they slowly and imperceptibly enter either the Astral Plane or the Ethereal Plane, depending on their intent.  


The general landscape is bucolic, with winding, well-kept dirt paths lined by cyprus trees, meandering through manicured orchards, small villages, and crystal clear streams. Softly rolling hills emerge from the ever present mist, conjuring images of pastoral scenes in the early morning. All buildings and structures are formed (built?) from the white, marble-like substance that makes up the 'bedrock' of the Realm.  

The Celestial City

All roads, however, lead to the center of the Realm, the Celestial City. A majestic, shining collection of silvery spires and Romanesque buildings, with the Temple of Life at the center, the City can been seen through the haze from any location in the Realm. Enough mortals and cosmic entities make this place their permanent residence to require many comforts of an actual, living city... temples, taverns, even homes.   Due to the nature of time and the Realm's overall dream-like quality, no detail is truly permanent... a building you went to yesterday may no longer be there today, or even if it is, it may be different in some key way or inhabited by someone else.
Alternative Name(s)
The Afterlife, the Pearlescent Realms, the Celestial City, the Next World
Dimensional plane

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