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Although the Defiled had believed that they were still speaking perfect Aragot, an outsider has recently revealed that the Defiled have corrupted the language to the point of it becoming something entirely new. This new language has been dubbed "Rot-tongue" by the outsider and the Defiled have made no effort thus far to call it anything else.

Root Languages
Common Female Names
Adria, Ardra, Beatrix, Caelia, Dulcia, Defyll, Desmond, Eva, Fedilia, Hannalor, Misericordia, Sibylla, Ursula, Xylla
Common Male Names
Adamus, Aegidius, Edrus, Felix, Hericus, Hugo, Lucas, Lux, Mycaelis, Octavian, Phineas, Toma, Unus, Xen, Zandic

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