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"GenSpace" is the name that the Spelljamming community has given to the Crystal Sphere in which New Genesis, and its companion celestial bodies, exists. It exists within the Phlogiston of the Prime Material Plane within the Great Wheel cosmology of Planes of existence. The Crystal Sphere, like so many others, is filled with planets, moons, asteroids, comets, anomalies, and an entire solar system's worth of locations, people, creatures, and points of interest.


The Crystal Sphere known as GenSpace, like most Crystal Spheres, contains an entire system of planets and other astronomical objects. It's true size and volume is beyond comprehension for any mortal; only Gods themselves can grasp its enormity. The system itself is geocentric, with the planet(-oid?) of New Genesis in the center. All other major astronomical objects orbit slowly around this central world, including the shining star known as 'The Sun'.  

The Crystal Sphere

Floating in the infinite expanse of phlogiston of the Prime Material Plane, The Crystal Sphere called 'GenSpace' bobs near the currents that feed into the 'The Triad' (the unusually stable configuration of GreySpace, KrynnSpace, and RealmSpace).   The interior of the shell is dotted with several strange objects and unique phenomenon. There are a few large permanent portals to the Phlogiston, which appear as particularly large and bright stars from the worlds within. Clinging to the otherwise featureless, smooth, onyx-black surface of the sphere are strange swaths of moss and fungus, which produce vast clouds of gas, dust, and spores, which are also visible from the planets, appearing as colorful, glowing, and slowly shifting nebula. The effects of these little ecosystems upon visitors vary wildly, some producing fresh air, some producing deadly vapors, others still producing air which has mind- and body-bending magical effects.  


Along with portals and copses of alien plantlife, the interior surface of this Crystal Sphere is etched with massive (millions of miles across) circuitry traces, with the thin lines between large glowing nodes creating the elemental constellations that are seen in the night skies of the planets. There are four of these major constellations, one for each element: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.   These constellations, as seen from NewGen, coincide directly with that planet's seasons, as it wobbles and rotates slightly in place, in the center of the system. As certain constellation become visible, or disappear below the horizon, in the night sky, the seasons shift, from Winter, to Spring, to Summer, to Autumn, back to Winter, and so on. Each season has two elements associated with it, as follows:
Winter: Air and Water
Spring: Water and Fire
Summer: Fire and Earth
Autumn: Earth and Air   It is assumed that the Gods themselves carved these circuitry traces into the material of the Crystal Sphere for the purpose of creating or controlling the motion and stability of New Genesis. It is unknown if the seasons are a side-effect or the intent for these incomprehensibly massive and powerful magical symbols.   Along with the Major Elemental Constellations, there are are also a plethora of less obvious constellations, including one for each major deity, one for each major Race, and even one for each of the nine Alignments.   Planets Here's a brief list of the major planetary objects in GenSpace:  
  • New Genesis ("NewGen"). This irregularly shaped planet is the center of the local system (Called the 'Primary'), both literally and figuratively. Here, on this still-forming world, the vast majority of the population of this Sphere live, fight, and create history. The 'known world' is located here and is the primary location for the 'New Genesis' Campaign Setting. NewGen has two moons, one large, close, and chalky pale called "Luna", and the other is smaller, darker and more distant called "????".
  • ????. A large Earth-Type planet, spherical, with a ring system of ice/water.
  • ????.
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TerraSpace, The System, The Crystal Sphere
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