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A light, strong, and distinctly colored form of high-carbon steel, this material is one of the many technological/metallurgical secrets created and held by the Aragonians.


Physical Characteristics

Darksteel appears as a dull, grey steel. However, if held a very specific angle, it is highly reflective, shimmering with a strange hexagonal pattern.


Darksteel is about 25% lighter than the next most advanced form of steel produced in NewGen. Additionally, it also is equally higher in tensile strength.

Geology & Geography

All darksteel is produced in the cloying furnaces and forges deep within Aragonian lands on Downspin continent. Most sages agree that darksteel is only possible due to the chemistry of the raw ore, the special refining process, the advanced forging techniques and the mysterious chemical (alchemical?) treatments the metal receives before being rolled into manageable sheets.

Origin & Source

Darksteel ore, called "carbonix', is only found in the volcanic regions of central Downspin.

Dark, steely grey.

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