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Aragot is a clipped, literal and sparse language that has few words for esoteric concepts, that is spoken by Aragonians. Any philosophical debate or expression of emotion is better conveyed in another language. Aragot is one of the easiest languages to learn and is often learned by Humans who fancy mechaniks.

Geographical Distribution

Downspin Continent, Aragos

Successor Languages
Spoken by
Common Phrases
That person has a screw loose They're crazy
By Providence It is what it is
Common Female Names
Lydia, Beam, Thread, Garna, Pan, Kath, Trin, Molta, Cait, Shan, Kenna, Click, Anna, Illyana, Mia, Verona, Arial.
Common Male Names
Cog, Caliber, Clip, Edge, Bind, Gauge, Bolt, Union, Span, Brass, Riv, Gear, Cable, Fulcrum, Switch.

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