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The Rug Merchant

Harold a human merchant based in Riegark . He owns a high end furniture store and is most well known for his passion of rugs.



Harold is a middle aged human male. He has rough brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. He is usually dressed in clean, tidy, business attire, but he dresses down a tad more while on one of his common road trips.


Harold is a friendly guy, quick to make friends, and even quicker to pull them towards his side. While working, he is a brutally efficient businessman, making the most efficient deals with a smile on his face. He is know for his skills of negotiation and compromise that has settled many a disputes between the Merchant's Guild and the Tyrieze Royal Court.   Harold may be an excellent merchant and negotiator, but his true passion in life is rugs. He collects, trades, and sells rugs, carpets, wall hangings, and many other woven items. He especially enjoys rugs with a sense of history. The old ones tell a story with both their visuals and their usage. If you get him talking about rugs, he can and will go on about them for hours.



Darven and Eshya 

Harold's first impression of Darven and Eshya was them tricking him into being bait to catch bandits and then getting bandit blood all over one of his rugs. He demanded they pay back for the rug they ruined. As he is a high end vendor, all his rugs are quite expensive. They rug they ruined costed 1000g. Although the bandit's loot covered most of the payment, they still owed him some money which they paid back by providing him with security on his way back to Riegark. Over time, he grew fond of them and was even a little bummed when he thought they had died fight goblins. He was very impressed to hear that they had actually fallen into the Underdark and even made their way back to the surface in one piece. He resolved to keep them around because they can do good work for him and his colleagues



Creature Type









Tyrieze Merchant's Guild (executive)
Darven (employee)
Eshya (employee)
Jorji Nimblestick (colleague)


Merchant, Rug Salesman

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