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Vromond is the leading capital of trade on Caladan and contains a variety of goods to be traded with other continents.


Aarakocra, Tabaxi, and kenku inhabit the region, as well as races that can stand the incredibly hot temperatures.


The Aarakocra, Tabaxi, and kenku clans rule Vromond   It is taboo for the eggs of a sandworm to be interacted with in any way. those who do are expelled into the desert for the sandworms to feast upon.


The city's deserts are protection enough, sandworms attack anything that isn't native unless accompanied by those who are, the sandworms are compelled to protect the city and its occupants.


Vromondian Cactuses are a rare delicacy, and the wine made from said cactus is said to be the best alcohol on the continent.

Guilds and Factions

Each race that lives in the city tends to keep to themselves, with some rivalries between the Arakocra and Tabaxi.


the settlement was said to be founded by a small adventuring party. (See legend of Vromond's beginnings)


the city's architecture tends to change with the shifting sands, sometimes disappearing for days or months.


The Vromondian desert is filled with rolling dunes, and the city is built around a large oasis.

Natural Resources

Vromondian Cactus, sandworm parts/meat.
Alternative Name(s)
The city in the desert
Inhabitant Demonym
Aarakocra, Tabaxi, and kenku
Location under
Included Locations
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