The World of Epta Iios


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In Epta Iios, the once powerful and nigh unstoppable Kemathen Empire ruled over the continent for hundreds of years. The Bavarii Royal Family held the crown, yet nearly two hundred years ago, it was taken away from them. Religious and military figures of the Empire struck against the Royal Family, killing the Obsidian Mage-Emperor Alexae and his wife Priya. Luckily their seven children escaped, making their way to the nestled valley in the southern part of the continent. Here the children choose to rule in the shadows, each sibling eventually forming their own Clan to represent their interests, and continue the protection of their new home.   But peace has never been known throughout the lands. Instability and conflict can be found anywhere, with the Disputed Territories of Yoneev the most lawless and chaotic. 


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