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The World of Ellilia

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Ellilia. The center of peace and prosperity. Abandoned by the deities long ago, the planet remained as a vessel for the people to cultivate into their own vision. That vision? One of unity and sanctity, where nobody strifes or wants.   For those that are happy, Ellilia is a prosperous place. Yet, rumour has it, there is a faction who believe that happiness is a lie. A faction who believes the exodus of the Gods came about by the sins of the people, and those people should repent.   Some believe this faction grows stronger every day. That one day, they will bring back a vengeful God to wreak havoc on those that flourish. They know the truth about why the Gods abandoned the world. And they know it’s a nasty one.   Welcome to a perfect world built on abandonment and secrets. Welcome to a perfect world ready to crack.  
Jagged Rock Mountains