Rumors are what it says on the tin, they're things that are going on in certain areas. They may be very vague or very clear, but they always allude to an adventure that is to be had! They may come from an NPC that wants you to fetch an item, or they may be vague hints towards a lost temple full of loot.  


  I saw dancing lights somewhere near the lake. They looked like little purple Will-o-Wisps! terrified farmer told Thorgold, Sam's character, that there were dancing lights near the lake.
— Random Farmer Fred
Sam wants to find out what's going on and opens a recruitment for other adventurers interested in this peculiar sight. Sam will then create a post in #open-quest-board, and choose one or several parties depending on the dates selected in a datumprikker. After choosing a party a DM may pick up the rumor.   Bas has a great rumor idea while biking. He thinks it may be interesting to investigate a mysterious well in the forest. He posts the rumor in #rumors and creates a Looking For Group post. A DM chooses the party and goes on an adventure with them. During the adventure, they find a new rumor which is then picked up by another group of players. Bart may have wanted to continue with the rumor he found during the game, but it is not a given. Rumors are to be shared with others, and there is no guarantee of a sequel or you playing in the sequel. There are always other rumors to pick up. Rumors circulate through adventurers this way, everyone has a chance to go on an adventure and find something new!

Players are free to create their own rumors, but whether it's true or not is up to the DMs.
  When picking up a rumor, please put a checkbox under the rumor post like in the image displayed below. This way other players know that this rumor has been picked up and chances are lower that their party will be picked if they choose the same rumor.