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The city of Lysmån consists of two fused towns split by the Bybetheiro. It functions as the capital of the nation and the province of Lysmån, exerting its control over the smaller cities and villages over the land. The 4 sub-capitals of the provinces send their delegates to the capital as representatives of the ruling class in that city. Historically the Mån side of the river has produced advanced and unique techniques of ceramics. Therefore Lysmån is known as “The City of blue and white”, the two main colours of these ceramics.   The city consists of the two banks of the Bybetheiro and three islands within the river delta. On the largest of the three: Carontello, the Teseppa ci Hadan, also known as the "Vault of fortune" is built. The palace covers the entire island on its own. The lesser two islands: Merenval and Sanderstönd are used for the shipping industries, accepting all in- and export of the city.   Besides the isles, the city consists of the four districts. Månnus: The trade district in the north eastern quarter. Lillevant: the south eastern quarter, the guild district. Serelle the south western is largest district as it is the wealthy residential area of the city housing most nobles. Lastly the north western quarter of Krodam consists of mainly slums.  


Månnus consists of the wealthier merchants of the city. They who dare to take risks while trading mainly live here. The streets of Månnus are clean and paved with large flagstones, though the feeling of the streets is hollow and empty. Neighbours in the district are on edge with one another as they most of the time are direct competitors for profits. The shops within the area compete for the lowest prices so any Lyssan or outsider would go there to spend their coins. If you're looking for a deal in Lysmån Månnus is the place to be. Though if one would have something commissioned one would be better off in Lillevant, Månnus does sell times not readily available the province of Lysmån.  


If one wants to find the heart of Lysmån it is found in Lillevant. Honest people whom are content with an average life spend their lifetime living in the Lillevant quarter of the city. Woodworkers, fletchers, artists, blacksmiths, enchanters. Guildsmen whom have honed their craft work in large guildhalls to share a common goal in a non-competitive setting. The streets are homely with plenty of shops stalling their goods on the streets and kind folk helping those with less.  


Serelle is the wealthiest place of Lysmån besides the Palace. All the merchants who have been able to accrue enough riches to raise themselves into nobility live here. The streets are paved with expensive blue and white tiles and the streets are lined with large gated estates and castles, the streets are uncannily clean and guarded by estate guards. The rival houses of DeVriess, Kethero and Versala own the largest estates in the district. Other notable houses include: Merwoën, Hochhalle, Rensmeth and Lansveldt. The nobles enjoy their life of luxury on the estates and the embellished streets and plazas of the district. To enter the district one must have an invitation of a resident or a writ of passage. The walled district supplies the fighting class for the city with the Bastion of waves.  


The slums of Krodam encompass the area beyond the walls of the city, the unfortunate attempt to scrape by in hovels. Misery fills the squalid dirt roads that lead towards the walls of the city. Beggars are commonly found on the streets and the homeless lie in the streets in the night. Small bands of streetfolk group together to scrap together a meal or 'borrow' money from unwary travellers.
Founding Date
157 BS
Alternative Name(s)
The city of blue and white
Inhabitant Demonym
Ruling/Owning Rank

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