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Wizard's Tower Brewing Company

"Taste the Tower" -Slogan written on staff t-shirts

Founded in the year 1146 by the Gnomish entrepreneur Glowkindle, the Wizard's Tower Brewing Company is an independently owned brewery located in the Azeri countryside near the city of Bristal. The brewery got its name for being founded atop the ruins of an old wizard's tower from many years ago. Its most popular offering is Azeri Pale Ale, a quick favorite among locals.


  • 1145 - The brewer and entrepreneur Glowkindle perfects his master recipe which would later come to be known as Azeri Pale Ale.
  • 1146 - Glowkindle founds Wizard's Tower Brewing Company.
  • 1149 - Owner and founder Glowkindle sends out advertisements seeking adventurers for help with abnormally sized rats in the basement. The new adventuring party of Todrick Flebbins, Caleb Dume, and Brother Benedict Brightheart took care of the problem and in the process prevented a Giant Inferno Spider. For their hard work going above and beyond to help the brewery, each of them was granted a 1% share in the brewery.

"Taste the Tower"

Founding Date
Corporation, Business

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