Berdix - the Watcher from the Sky

Berdix, one of four moons that surround the World of Acuthan, is set apart from its siblings by vivid green colouration: there is, however, one exception to this, which is a bright red spot, or eye.

The 'eye' of Berdix has earned it a special place in folklore. Many believe it watches them and if it is displeased with what it sees, wrath will descend.

Several organisations of thieves revere the moon. On nights when the eye appears they fear to go about their usual work - instead, giving up the potential nights spoils as a sacrifice to their 'Lord'. Many thieves have been found dead after nights breaking this curfew.

The moon is known by various names across the region. Whilst 'Berdix' is most common and relates to its green colour, other names predominantly indicate an association with some form of poison. These all in some way appear to fit the most accepted creation story regarding the emerald moon.


Berdix is a vivid emerald green. From the surface of the world, the naked eye cannot pick out any markings on the moon's surface that would indicate craters, mountains, or in fact any specific landmasses at all. The only feature is the eye.   However, those who have a more rational basis to their philosophy question the validity of such views. Their doubts have become stronger with the recent invention of a non-magical device that can see far into the distance. Once pointed towards Berdix, it revealed no features, only a blurring or soft haze about the image. It is theorized that this could be evidence of gas on the surface of the moon. Given the creation myth regarding an ancient dragon breathing life into the world, silence has been maintained on this latest discovery, for fear of misinterpretation.   As Berdix journeys through the sky, it's eye appears and disappears. Again, folklore believes this shows us when the dragon is asleep, or when awake and looking at the world below. The rationalists' counterargument to this is a theory that the moon is turning, as evidenced by changes in the eye's location.   Whatever the truth of its nature and geography, the moon has become a key part of many people's beliefs and regular lives. With the continued development of scientific reasoning, it is potentially a key focus of rational investigations into the nature of the world and could have far-reaching implications.


  Many festivals held across the region are related to the moon Berdix, either partly or wholly. Some festivals have become more commercialized over time, much to the disapproval of those who revere this celestial body. One such example is in the City of Churiss, where many tourists time their visit to coincide with the festivals it holds. This is an increasing trend in more modern, diverse cities where tradition is beginning to take second place to individuality and commerce.

Creation Story & Folklore

The most famous folktale concerning Berdix is tied to a creation story. It is thought to be one of four immense dragons (each now reflected in the sky as moons) that helped the gods forge the world in the beginning. Berdix is believed to have fuelled the world with a gas that burns, and while dangerous, was necessary to feed the earliest lifeforms that were later molded by the gods into the peoples and creatures of the world today.  

Festival of the Watcher

When Berdix appears its biggest in the sky, with its eye bearing down, festivals are held in its honour.   'The Festival of the Watcher', held in the town of Gwivar, witnesses a gathering of its folk resplendent in serpent-like costumes of emerald and red. The richest display their wealth by bejeweling themselves with real emeralds and rubies.   Enticed by the scent of roasted meats and fresh-baked cinnamon-breads festival-goers overindulge; and when the music and dancing begin it does not end there. Many a betrothal, and even marriage, has been lost in the heady delights and merriments of the festival.   This accounts for the daylight hours: but come the fall of night, and the reveal of Berdix, the mood becomes sullen, almost fearful. During these hours prayers are said and sacrifice of peoples' most treasured possessions through ritual destruction and deposit. All done to give thanks to the Watcher and to beg it to spare them its anger.
Planetoid / Moon
Common names: Berdix; Dokoi; Metai
Size: 6000km circumference (est)
Colour: emerald green, red spot
Supermoon: 4 per year, 2 with eye visible
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Grandmaster Serukis
Emily Vair-Turnbull
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Really interesting! I love the detail of the eye in particular. I thought it might be a storm at first, like Jupiter, but from what you've written it seems more a feature of the moon's surface. :D

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Thanks Emy - glad you found it interesting. It may be a storm - I'm still working through who will end up being right about it - and the instruments the science folk have aren't particularly good at focusing just yet (at least that's my excuse for not yet making a decision!). Thanks again, I really appreciate your comment :)