Weapon Damage

Currently we will not be using a strict form of weapon damage, but I leave it in the table in order to give an indication on how durable a weapon is and how long you could use it (relative to other weapons) before it needs to be fixed or replaced.

Magic Weapons

Magical improvements to weapons are not as straight forward as it just being magic now therefore the resistance and immunities from "non-magical" weapons no longer applies. A weapon however can be enchanted to basically be the same weapon but with the advantage that creatures have no resistance to it, or it can have a different enchantment where the wielder can drain his HP to supercharge an attack with the weapon, or whatever our crazy minds can come up with.

Crit (roll)

When attacking with this weapon a roll of [roll] will be a critical hit.

Crit (damage)

When this weapon hits with a critical hit it does not double the damage dice but instead uses [damage]

Dismounter (roll)

When attacking a mounted creature, a roll of [roll] will knock the target off its mount (even if it doesn't deal damage).

Solid Armor Breaker (roll)

When hitting a creature with solid armor with ar roll of [roll], the armor breaks and pierces inwards where you hit it causing the target to take 1 piercing damage every round until the broken part of the armor is removed.

Blocking Reach (modifier)

When a creature (A) tries to get closer than the reach of a creature (B) wielding a weapon with Blocking Reach, creature B can use its reaction to try and prevent creature A from coming closer. Both will make a melee weapon attack roll (creature B with [modifier]): if creature A rolls higher, he can pass the reach weapon and come closer, if creature B rolls higher, creature A can choose to suffer a critical hit and pass or stay at the weapon's reach, and if creature B rolls a critical hit, he can choose to hit creature A with a normal damage roll (creature A cannot choose to pass anyways).

When your opponent charges you (moving at least 10 feet towards you) you have advantage on the roll.

Armor Disadvantage (armor-type)

Some types of armor are problematic for some weapons. When hitting a target with an armor that it has disadvantage against, the roll has disadvantage and if the roll already has disadvantage for a different reason, only a critical hit will hit the target.

Aiming / Thrown

In certain circumstances, it might be more beneficial to forgo aiming and instead just shoot as fast as possible. In these situations you can choose to attack rapidly (twice in one attack).

This does give disadvantage, but there can be situations where it does not: such as a small hallway with a huge creature trying to squeeze itself through. Ask the DM if the situation allows you to shoot rapidly without disatvantage.


Brittle weapons break on a critical failure and Weapon Breaker weapons have a +2 to break a brittle weapon.

Weapon Breaker (roll)

When rolling a [roll] with this weapon, you can choose to not hit the creature but instead break the weapon it is wielding.



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