Fear of Water & Meeting Ronan

General Summary

Starting off their journey, the party first has to cross the river, not something ordinarily difficult, but Anlanya didn't seem to want to take the boat but instead would like to take the day and a half detour taking the closest bridge instead. However, because of the time they decided to still go with the boat instead. The boat was a small rowboat they could borrow and they went two by two across. Anlanya Damodred and Raeflynn Liadon, where the last to cross. Anlanya tried to be brave but once they where about half way across, she just couldn't hold it anymore. She started to freak out and in doing so rocking the boat dangerously. Raeflynn tried to calm her down, but as that didn't work she eventually just knocked her unconscious.   Once on the other side, they woke Anlanya with a splash of cold water and continued to walk to Osburg but before long, they encountered a tree blocking the road and shortly after got ambushed by bandits. About half way through the battle, William gets knocked down by one of the bandits but the party does get the upper hand and defeats the bandits. Unfortunately one of the bandits escaped and run off into the forest. Continuing on their way, they almost reached Osburg when they hear horns in the distance coming closer and closer. Because of the hills they can't see where it is coming from, so Ykkiuto Quaews flew up to check what it was and saw at least 15 bandits coming their way before getting hit with an arrow through her wing. The party however still wasn't fully recovered by the last bandits they encountered, so they decided to run and try to make it to Osburg before the other bandits catch up with them.   They make it to the Osburg, but the gate is closed and while running towards the gate two guards on the battlements halted them and asked what their business is here. The party explains that they are being chased by a group of bandits and that they need medical help. The guards quickly let them in and bring Ykki and William to the infirmary while the rest of the party decides to go to the Bounty Office and check what is happening in the area and they see two other interesting advertisements: A sighting of a beholder near the entrance of the Axe Bite Pass (1500gp if killed) And some bandits near Osburg (5gp per head) After leaving the Bounty Office, the ground erupts with a man riding a giant fireball. He introduces himself as Ronan and they decide to go to infirmary (Ronan because he burned his pinky and the rest to check up on William and Ykki). They tell Ykki and William about the quests and propose to go and hunt some bandits.   Ronan overhears them talking and formally introduces himself. He explains that he has some information about bandits and thieves that might be of use for the party. At first the party isn’t trusting of his help and don’t want to take him with them but after talking a bit among themselves they decide he could be useful as a distraction.

Character(s) interacted with

The're introduced to a new player named Ronan Overwood
Report Date
29 Mar 2020
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