A stay in Osburg

General Summary

The party walks the same way back in the morning and when they travel back to Osburg to claim their reward. Ykkiuto Quaews starts out flying but continues on foot because there start to form some incendiary clouds. They encounter a Yeth Hound and Ronan Overwood casts Stercus on the Yeth Hound and it begins to poop uncontrollably. The party keeps attacking and attacking and the Hound starts Baying Balefully, which terrifies Raeflynn Liadon, Ronan and William. William tries to run away, but the hound bites him in the neck and because of the blood loss and the fear, he passes out. William & Reaflyn go to Romit and ask about the stone, Romit tells them that it isn’t anything special and that they should just take it with them and not worry to much about it. They don’t believe her and William tries to convince her to tell them the truth, but she gets angry and just shows him the door.   In order to become proficient with his new found bow, Ronan trains with the archery instructor of Osburg, picking up the skill quite quickly he quite impressed her and they even went on a date. And while all of that was going on, Anlanya, Phinux and Atra bought a horse and tried to train it.   After a few days, the army arrived and they had to leave so they continued their journey (joined by Ronan) to the Axe Bite Pass to kill the Orcs hiding in the mountains. Ronan and William decided to stay behind to assassinate the general.
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End Date
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30 Mar 2020
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