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Time in Underside

How to tell time in a world with no day or night.

There is no day in Underside, as the sun is hidden by miles and miles of rock.There is no night either, as the stars and moon are similarly hidden. So, how in the eight spheres do you tell time?   The answer is simple: measure it by a normal human's sleeping cycle, which should last about 24 hours. Therefor, sleep cycles -- or simply, cycles -- are used in place of days when measuring time. For instance, if you want to say, "That walk took me two days!" an Underside native would instead say, "That walk took me two cycles!" Cycles are divided into 24 hours, which are themselves divided into 60 minutes and 60 seconds. Time of day is simply listed as which hour it is, followed by minute, followed by second. 11:03:22 would mean a bit more than eleven hours into the current cycle. Cycles themselves are grouped into Turnings. There are 360 cycles per turning. The turnings, which evolved from pre-Scorching solstice rituals once a year, are now used to denote lengthier periods of time, such as a person's age. The time when Turnings pass is celebrated by the State of Albrucca, and most other human cultures, with a three-cycle holiday called the Time of Turnings. It is a time of feasting and enjoyment and storytelling, especially tales of the world before the Scorching.

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