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The world (The continent)


Nikretai. The great kingdom, the force that united the northern half of the continent. It's not with peace that powers shift dramatically, but war. And success always comes from somewhere, this time it was great ideas. This is the history of how and why the things that happened happened. How this one kingdom came to dominate all, how the southern kingdoms look to acomplish the same and again sument themselfs as the hegemonic power area and culture. But, most importantly, this is what happens when I worldbuild and when I try out WA for the first time.   The world is technically just called 'The World' as it's what the people of it know, I mean, they don't think that they are part of my fantasies. But what they typically refer to it as is 'The Continent' due to it being mostly just a big continent. In this world, a lot of the information will be up to the readers' speculation, but, I do have an idea myself of how things are. I want you to experance this as a real thing, this world of byzantiene romans with cannons and viking gun boats. I will be trying to write most of my articales in a special style I haven't seen personally, and over all, I hope you like it. It's been a year in comming after all.

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