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A Treatise on Rudimentary Evocation, Conjuration and Manipulation



Writing the Book on Magic

Saint Allanthin Jorel was heralded as a patron of healing throughout his middle years and hotly discussed as an eccentric in his growing age. After a long career as a church man, becoming a topic of outlandish stories, personal accounts and theories, Saint Allanthin approached The High College of the Arcane in Domunus to share his knowledge and attempt to bridge the gap between and The High Courts of Heaven. Magisters.   Though initially being accepted into the university as a figurehead, the scholars of the arcane there within were soon left awe inspired by the depth of Allanthin's study of the arcane. He wrote many books in his long years at the university, but his Magnum Opus was his A Treatise on Rudimentary Evocation, Conjuration and Manipulation.  


Though heralded by many scholars as the next great step in understanding the forces of magic, many found Allanthin's views distasteful. His opinions on the similarities between the holy powers of The High Courts and Arcane Spell-Casting ruffled more than a few luxurious robes and head pieces. Allanthin, despite being of the church and a practitioner of it's holy arts, was also a master of arcane spell-casting and claimed his applied control of each was inherently the same. At this time, the church had established an oblique line between arcane spell casting and the holy arts, so many church officials dismissed the text as eccentric ramblings.   The Judges of The Courts were not alone in this dismissal, however. Given the growing tension between the college and the church of the day, even great scholars of the university were outraged by Allanthin's claims, some even citing his writings as propaganda to discredit the college and elevate the church.  

Lost to the Ages

Given the widespread discrediting of his treatises on magic, the book was not widely distributed and many scholars feared the potential isolation from high ranking colleagues in the college who disputed the contents of the texts. Many of those outraged by the college's agenda concerning the text left the college and took their copies with them. Few exist to this day, and with the destruction and corruption of the Kyserin Capital, many of the last known copies have been lost.

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