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The Witches Sin


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2000 years have passed since the destructive "Great Blood War", the war where humanity fought for freedom against the Primordial Witch known as Liadra of Crimson. However, before the Primordial Witch left, not only did she vow to return one day to reclaim the Realm of Man, but she inflicted three Sins upon humanity. The first being that all of man would be inflicted with a curse, that all sins one commits would eventually be coalesced into a monstrosity known as a nightmare, a monstrosity that is hellbent on destroying mans creations and man themselves. The second sin, no man may ever forget the past of who Liadra was, her age of rule and the other sins. Finally the last sin split Liadra's power among her 4 daughters so no man may covet her power in her absence.   This is the story of The Witches Sin.