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At its simplest, a grimoire is a book of spells, rituals, potion recipes, lore, and magical information. Most witch lineages will have a family grimoire that is passed down through the generations, accumulating more knowledge and information as each witch in the family adds to it. However, many witches, be they first generation or from a long line, will also begin their own grimoires when they begin their magical journeys. Often, any information they discover or spells they create will be added to their family grimoire as needed. 
Witch families hold their grimoires as sacred, and rarely if ever allow anyone outside their family line to even see their grimoire, let alone touch or read it. If a grimoire has existed with a certain family for many generations, it will often absorb a certain amount of its own magic. This is due not only to being constantly surrounded by magical workings and from containing the most magical and arcane information, but also many witches will use various magical inks in their grimoires, as well as casting empowering and protective spells upon the books and including pressed flowers and leaves from magical and sacred plants within its pages. Grimoires from the oldest of families are often unable to even be opened by anyone outside the family, so protected and attuned to its family has the book become.
No two grimoires are exactly alike. Though they will often all contain the same types of spell and information, i.e. locator spells and protection spells, these spells will all be different variations of each other, as they have been created by different witches from different cultures and with different magical methods. For instance, a locator spell in a British grimoire will be very different to a locator spell in a Chinese grimoire - it will by necessity use different botanical ingredients and ritual tools that are unique to those locations, and the wording and methodology of the spells will be vastly different as they are informed by the vastly different cultural beliefs and identities of those witches who created the spells.
Manual, Magical / Occult

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