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Black Belle

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Black Belle used to live in Anth'Tkur. She was born into a poor family, that struggled terribly just to put food on their plates. But when everything seemed futile, her Ton'Gaur came around. Imagine her surprise and joy when a mighy spell burst from her, shrouding the room in shadow. She was a sorcerer, she would soon be Lahi'Gaur, and her family would not have to suffer anymore! But instead of being welcomed with open arms, she was shunned. Her powers were a curse, not a gift. She was branded "Lahi'Bel," meaning "Orc of the Shadow," and hated for her abilities.    She demanded to be made Lahi'Gaur, for she was a sorcerer, but instead she was spat on and laughed at. Eventually, her rage and despair grew so great that she ended up using her powers to walk directly through the shadows into a meeting of the Lahi'Gaur council. She made her case to them, but again she was just laughed at. Consumed by anger, she drew a gun from where it was sheathed at one councilmember's side and fire it, striking another councilmember in the heart. She made her escape through the shadows, and has been living the life of a fugitive ever since, with a massive bounty put on her head.   Over time, she began building up a large pirate crew, and has been carrying out daring, sometimes seemingly stupid raids, but she has always come out on top. Legend of the shadow-wreathed pirate, who goes only by the name "Black Belle" and dresses like a gentlelady have been circulating around the Waste, and her legend is growing...
Pure Black
Long, Black, and Stringy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
204 lbs

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