Unicorn rabbit

Are you supporters of those who think they exist or not ?
— Typical question that appears during a conversation about them
  Become famous thanks to the tale Harry and the magical Rabbit, the Unicorn Rabbit is a large rabbit with a horn.
Descendants of unicorns, the Unicorn rabbits are famous to be sapients creatures but especially for their particular genealogy. Because even if their name suggests that they come down unicorns and rabbits, well it is not totally true. When we take a closer look at their genealogy, we can see that unicorns and rabbits are only common ancestors. What makes them so special is how their evolution led them to keep the traits of their common ancestors to what they are today.

Born of a tale

The Unicorn rabbit come from the tale Harry and the magical Rabbit. The Hero, Harry, met a rabbit that led him into an adventure where he find riches and glory. The rabbit turns out to be a unicorn who wanted to be a rabbit. But unfortunately, the rabbit dies and confesses to Harry that his horn, or his paw according to the versions, will bring him luck. Harry left with a piece of the rabbit and became king of an imaginary country.  
This popular divinity tale brought a wave of unicorn rabbit desire. Plush and other products appeared on the market but also unicorn rabbit legs. Obviously we can not certify if they are indeed legs of unicorn bunnies and not legs of simple rabbit. Of course, this tale is a fabric of lies when about the good fortune offered by the Unicorn rabbit .
1 to 2 years
Average Height
~5 cm / 6 inches
Average Weight
~800g - 1,2kg / 28 ounce - 2,2pds
Average Length
~37cm / 14 inches


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