Gripper Manor

The Gripper Manor was owned by the highly esteemed Earl Arthose Gripper, a.k.a. the Earl Plaguicide.   When the count died, the mansion was ceded to his daughter: Camilla Gripper. But she died a month later under dubious circumstances. Some think that she tried to resume her father's research and that she succumbed. But she was not like her father, so others think she would have committed suicide. Be that as it may, those who attested to the death of the young woman never set foot in the mansion. They told whoever wanted to hear that the ghost of the Countess would have driven them away. Since then, every night, we can hear shouts coming from the house. Some thugs we try to rob the mansion but they were quickly dissuaded by the many moans of the villa. Their testimony is that they could hear a woman cried and they fell in front of a sobbing white woman who disappeared when she saw them.     In addition to the ghost, the earl's manor was famous for hiding secrets about the Black Blood. Devices, samples, test subjects, a whole laboratory kit for strange experiments would still be available inside and some curious people say they have seen someone use it.   Today, completely abandoned, the mansion is left to the necrophagous who settled there and no one approached anymore the building.
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28 Jun, 2018 11:39

2 spooky 4 me Sounds like a great place to explore but only if you have the guts for it!

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28 Jun, 2018 19:33

Sounds like a manor that is great to investigate. since people have heard shouts coming from the manor and people have not been able to enter it yet. I do wonder if anybody has seen the ghost of the countess or what they believe is the countess ?. Good article!

29 Jun, 2018 08:00

Who knows ? ;)

28 Jun, 2018 22:18

Nice take on the classic haunted house!