The Othersided One is told to be a being from an time long gone by. Aeons ago something akin to a Mortal his travels lead him along a path of sacrifice and change. As the end of his life came upon him he fought and breached the boundaries of what the people of his time and World saw as the limits to existence. His soul lost itself in the raw energie of the space between worlds, his being flickered and dimmed to a small spark. But it regrew, absorbed the strange energies of the other side and reformed the body lost to mortality. Once he had regained a physical form, the other side began to repel him and he was spit back into normal existence and found a world changed. With a body of energy and a mind expanded beyond mortality he started wandering the world feeling himself attracted to acts of destruction and finality. Wether he committed them himself or watched as a alien witness.
  Excelsius, the King of Wraiths, is a powerful psychic mage and necromancer who can see, speak and control the ghosts and spirits. He became later the God of Wraiths and disappeared from Anathema.
He reappears around the year 13 880 and he is actually know as the Predicator of the The Black Hand and works for the Xiantia Empire.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

At the beginning, Excelsius was a high elf, living peacefully in his hometown. But war came and destroyed the city living only ruins ands deads. He managed to survive and sought for vengence but he was captured and imprisonned for 2 years. During his imprisonment, he met Eldritch Ahel Kose who will teach him the arts of necromancy once realeased.   Excelsius used his new power to bring back his former friends but the wrath and hate of the people were too overwhelming for him. Instead of bring back the persons, he just managed to turn all the corpses to ghosts. But in the process, his mind lost himself under the wrath of the ghosts. He ended up wandering among the ruins like the ghosts until he met soldiers who were trying to confront the ghosts. The few survivors who escaped from his grip nicknamed him the King of Wraiths. His hometown became his kingdom and Verlinathael became a haunted city.
But hunger and thirst allowed him to become lucid again.   With the help of Eldritch, he manages to stabilize his mind. However, he sometimes had crises and lost control, sources of several incidents. He went on a trip with Eldritch and trained to control his power. One day, they found a strange jewel from which emanated a powerful magic.   He used the gem to access a new plane of existence. This allowed him to gain a different and powerful power. This power attracted people who were thirsty for power and some kind of sect was based around the King of Wraiths.
As he gained influence, he gained in power. And one day he reached the pinnacle of power and attained divinity. The King of Wraiths then became the God of Wraiths.   Thanks to that, he learned that the gem from which he drew his power was the Norma's heart, a very coveted stone. Even with his condition becoming divine, he was not to keep the gem. He then sought to emancipate from it. And he succeeded with the help of Eldritch but he used the gem to ban Excelsius from the common plan but he was killed soon after.
He disappeared for several thousand years. He reappeared 138 years ago under the name of Predicator.   He is now a member of the closed circle of the Black Hand, which he serves as adviser. He also sometimes acts on the field as the sniper with his Predicator and his The Death Gun.   We do not know if this Excelsius is the real one, a reminiscence of his anger or an avatar of the God, although this last hypothesis is the least probable.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Wraiths
God of Wraiths
Aligned Organization
56 years old (as the King of Wraiths)
13237 years old (as the God of Wraiths)
138 years old (as the 'new' Excelsius)


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