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We do not really know what their origins are. Technically, there are corpses in which magic has interfered, which brought the dead back to life. Despite their generally human or Elvish appearance and habits, the Dullahans are considered monsters in the same way as vampires. Despite their appearance and human habits, Dullahans are classified as monsters. Extremely rare, this species has the ability to remove their heads and put it under their arms or use them to play macabre ball games. They sometimes use their heads as a lantern to light their way. Their mouth constantly shows an awful smile that touches both sides of the face. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a living dead species. In mythology, when a Dullahan stops his horse, it is the moment when someone must die. They then consider themselves to be gods of death and dress accordingly. They are often armed with a forgery or a whip. The whip of the Dullahan is actually the spine of a human corpse. They are usually seen traveling on a black horse. A Dullahan is afraid of gold; even a small coin scares him.