Ademal The Dark Listener

Ademal (a.k.a. the Narrator)

"Whisper your secrets into the shadows. I will keep them safe."
— Ademal
  Ademal, also called Ademal the Dark Listener or Ademal the Narrator is the oldest and the first of the 16 Deities of Creation, supreme beings lead by The Black Hand. He is the deity of plots and secrets.  

A mysterious shadow

  The rare times he appears , he came from the shadow of The Black Hand. He is his ears and eyes. Ademal is able to be anywhere and it is said that he travels through the shadows.
Because he is the deity of plots and secrets, he know the existence of all secrets if not the secrets themselves. It is not possible to hide something to him, he will ever knows.  

But who is he ?

  A closed circle of people know the previous life of Ademal. Strangely, Ademal can not know more about himself, even though these informations remains secret. The Black Hand once explained to Kyo Akashi, that Ademal can know every secrets in the world only if he forget who he was and that he does not seek to know it.  

Deity of PLOTS and secrets

  People sometimes forget that he is also the deity of plots in addition to be the deity of secrets. Ademal often make offers to people against informations. It is said that he is behind all the conspiracies prepared in the world and especially of their success or not.   The visionary would have asked Ademal if he knew anything about the death of the Fallen Angel Adriel and he simply replied "yes" but that he wanted to know, it would have to find a favorable arrangement for him.

Physical Description

Special abilities

He has the special ability to create portals. He is linked to every shadow in the world and can easily use that link to transport himself or something with it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He does not remember all his life. He spent his time observing those of others so much so that his own memory was erased. But Ademal does not want to remember.   The rare things he can tell you about him, he has not always been in this form and has not always been the servant of The Black Hand.  
I'm the deity of plots and secrets. But i don't remember if i was it before i met him or if he made me. I'm only staying because he has secrets that I must discover.
  I define himself not a servant or an ally of The Black Hand but more a companion or a friend. Or simply the only person that can know him.


Contacts & Relations

He does not speak with the others deities except when he need it. He is not really sociable but it is especially that he does not linger in gossip except to learn secrets. However, he keeps an ear for every conversation and will still know what is being said around him.
Divine Classification
Deity of plots and secrets
Male ?
Aligned Organization
Ademal watching

The Eye of Ademal watching the world.


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6 Dec, 2018 16:40

I am the "who" when you call, "Who's there?"   I am the wind blowing through your hair   I am the shadow on the moon at night   Filling your dreams to the brim with fright!

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6 Dec, 2018 16:59

I love this! Especially the connection between secrets and plots.   Without knowing much about your world, the plot part amde me wonder: does he plot on behalf of the Black Hand? Or for his own curiosity? Does he maybe do things for them to gain more secrets?   The art is also very beautiful. Is the Eye a real phenomenon people can see, or is it more of a symbol? If it is real, where is the rest of him? Is he a physical person?

6 Dec, 2018 17:07

Ademal doesn't belong to any side. He plots for himself because he likes intrigues. If he follows the Black Hand, it's for a very specific reason: he does not know why anymore. The Black Hand has secrets that he can't know. That's why he follows him.   The eye is a representation of the presence of Ademal. It is to symbolize that he sees the world from another point of view.